Moving Beyond Your Resistance

Moving Beyond Your Resistance

New Experiences

Hello. Well, it’s getting close to the time for Bimini: Swimming with Wild Dolphins. When you say, “swimming with wild dolphins,” to some people, it strikes a little fear in their heart, and, to others, they are ready to jump in the water any moment. Sometimes, it’s both.

Whenever we try new things, it’s so challenging sometimes to push through our little ego that says, “No, no, don’t do that. That’s dangerous. No, don’t jump into the ocean. Look what happened last time.” Which might’ve been a thousand years ago, when you drowned in the ocean or got caught on something or something bad happened to you, but that’s not happening now. That’s not this time, this moment, this space, which is why we go to Bimini, hopefully, every two years, but I can’t guarantee that.

We have the realization when we’re in Bimini that this is a vacation event. Yes, we get up, and we have breakfast, we have a circle, we have channeling have lunch, and we go out on a boat, on the ocean, and sit, every day for five days and watch the water, watch the dolphins, jump in the water with the dolphins, and share the energy in the sea with them.

Memories of the Planet

The last time we were in Bimini, there was some kind of little shark with the dolphins. It was wonderful to watch how all of our group would follow the dolphins in the water. Now, the dolphins, they’re not trained dolphins. They’re just doing what dolphins do: hunting for food and playing and being who they are. It’s kind of like humans. We don’t hunt for food anymore, but we go to the grocery store for food, play, and be who we are. And they’re very present in the water. They carry the memories of the planet.

Yes, dolphins carry the planet’s memories, like the whales and the elephants, but they don’t let it affect the way they swim. They don’t let it affect what happens. I mean, if there’s a place in the water that might be dangerous for them, like the shore, they don’t go there anymore. And we, as humans, might get the opportunity to look at that a little differently as well. So whenever something comes up that makes you a little nervous, that triggers that old feeling: “No, no, don’t go there. It’s new. It’s dangerous,” stop. Take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Is this dangerous? Am I trying to protect myself? Or am I trying to keep myself the same?” Which, to my ego, equals safe.

Time of Transformation

Many times, whenever we’ve done retreats, a couple of weeks before the retreat, people want to cancel because their cells know that they’re going into a time of transformation, and their ego does not want that. Their ego wants to keep them the same. So it is about knowing the difference between when you need to pay attention to your ego and honor it or when you get the opportunity to allow your ego to be still and move into the different spaces of your world with new light.

Helping Your Cells Remember

Let me ask you to share with us, in our Facebook group Adironnda Family of Love, and what I’d like you to put in situations where you felt afraid or nervous or resisted something you pushed through and the good that came from that. I realize that it may be a long story, and that’s okay. So make it as long as you need to: something that you pushed through.

I know the first time I went snorkeling, I panicked as soon as I got in the water and started to breathe with my snorkel gear. I panicked. My cells were remembering when I drowned, I’m sure, but I breathed through it. I pushed through it, and I helped my cells remember what it was like when we breathe underwater, and I ended up having a wonderful experience. So when you see this, we will be coming up on Bimini, our trip to swim with wild dolphins, and it will be fabulous. Anyway, push through, share your stories. I love you all. Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

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