Music to Raise Your Vibration

Turn the Music On

Marilyn: Hi.

Joeaux: Hi.

Marilyn: We have had so many people ask us about our playlist or our music list that we play during our Plurkshops (play+work=plurk), that we thought we would share them with you.

Joeaux: Most of you have shared your songs with us, and we learned when we first started working together that if either one of us were in a funk, we would turn some music on. If I was cranky, in a funk, all of a sudden, I notice, “Oh, she’s playing a loud Karen Drucker song.”

Marilyn: Healing and relaxing.

Joeaux: Or she would play Harmony, which harmonizes the background. So, we learned early on when we were working together that music made a huge difference. We usually have music on in the background when we’re working. And when we do the Plurkshops, we are very specific about the music we choose because we’re very conscious about the music we listen to, knowing that it does affect your mood.

Highest Vibration Possible

Marilyn: In our Plurkshops, we teach you how to raise your vibration, and live with that vibration as high as possible for your highest good. Because living at a higher vibration boosts your immune system, it helps you live, and it helps you stay calm in opportunity-type situations.

Joeaux: Which happens.

Marilyn: Which happens. Absolutely. I mean, we’re living in an opportunity-type situation right now. So, we thought we would share some of our playlists.

Sharing Our Playlists

Joeaux: Our team is sharing it with you. They’ve made a Spotify list and a playlist on YouTube. So, you do have to have Spotify or YouTube on your phone, the application. Once you have Spotify, all you do is click on this link, and it’ll take you to the playlist of songs. Or this link for YouTube.

Marilyn: And how do I get Spotify?

Joeaux: You search for the app in the app store (Google Play or Apple Apps).

Marilyn: On the app, little app icon.

Joeaux: Yeah, S-P-O-T-I-F-Y, Spotify. You do a little search. And you do have to install the small app on your phone. Once you have it installed on your phone, and you’ve set up a free account, then you can click on our link that Julie, our marketing maven extraordinaire, is going to produce for you. And here’s the one for YouTube.

I also want to point out something that we learned recently. We learned that when we go International, they have some cool songs, too. We don’t even know what they mean, but they got so excited when they started singing them that we’re going to include a couple of Spanish songs, too, that we’ve discovered. It’s an International thing.

Marilyn: It’s an International world.

Joeaux: So, enjoy. Leave us a note if there’s a song that you enjoy that’s not on our list that you think other people would enjoy. Let us know because we play this music throughout our Plurkshops when we’re on breaks and stuff, and everyone always asks us for our playlist.

Marilyn: And we’re always looking for new songs.

Joeaux: Thanks so much for helping us out, and please enjoy it.

Marilyn: Namaste, y’all.

Joeaux: Namaste.

We love hearing your feedback and reading your comments! What is your favorite song to help raise your vibration? Be sure to leave us your thoughts below.


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