Name the Double Digit Book

Name the Double Digit Book

Hi…Marilyn Harper here with another exciting Weekly Message. You know, we are having our Double Digit book come out soon, and it’s planned by the first of the year. In fact, it WILL be in digital form by the first of the year!

And we are just looking into different titles like Double Digit Numerology, Master Number Numerology, Double Digitology; Decoding the Messages of the Universe; Decoding the Messages of Adironnda. Heck, decoding Adironnda is a good thing, because people don’t really know who Adironnda is, and I’m not really sure we do either. 🙂

What’s in a Name?

A rose by any other name is still the same rose. The key is, that we are excited about sharing our Double Digit book. It will be our first book, even though we have three or four in the wings, hopefully ready to come out in the next year…that’s our plan, anyway. In fact, I feel it…I’m excited about it! I see it happening…I see the books in print, and…BOOM, it’s done! That’s what we teach in our Plurkshops.

So, Double Digit Numerology, Master Number Numerology, or Double Digitology. I think Adironnda likes that one, because they like to put words together. Anyway, think about it; roll it around in your brain and in the comments, put down what YOU think the title should be. Or come take our polls on Facebook and choose your favorite Title and Subtitle.

How About Any of These Names?

Below you’ll find a list of book titles and subtitles we are considering. We would LOVE your assistance with choosing a book name!

Thanks in advance for letting us know, in the comments below, which (if any) of these you like…and also if you have a different suggestion. If you prefer the Title from one paired with a different Subtitle, let us know that too. And if you’re on Facebook, you can choose to vote in our 2 polls online instead of posting in the comments. They will be up for a week, through 11/20/18.

#1) Master Number Numerology: The Secret of Adding It All Up

#2) Double Digitology: The Power of Master Numbers

#3) Master Numbers: What the Universe is Trying to Tell You

#4) Double Digit Numerology: The Secret Language of the Universe

#5) Numerology: The Hidden Meaning Behind Number Patterns

#6) The Power of Numerology: Decoding Messages from the Universe

Namaste, y’all, namaste.