New Traditions

New Traditions

Honoring This Time of Year

This time of year is steeped with traditions. No matter what your religious beliefs, there are traditions around the situation at this time of year. Traditionally for the past three or four years, I’ve been traveling at this point. So I wouldn’t have had a tree or decorated.

This year I might watch that Jimmy Stewart movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. But most families, their traditions are being blown apart this year. I keep hearing this song, Tradition from Fiddler on The Roof. But this time of year is a traditional, festive, honoring time of year. It may be when families get together, or maybe your spiritual family gets together.

Different Feelings

For some, it’s a time that they feel more alone than they do at other times during the year. For some, it’s a time when they get around their loved ones that they don’t like very much and complain about all the time, but they still get around them. Or, for some, it’s a time to rekindle the love that you have for your family, and you may not get to see them very much, and you see them at this time of year.

Changing Times

Well, this is the time all that is changing, isn’t it? We are asked to socially distance, hesitate to travel, be safe, and ask to protect ourselves, which causes stress on the system. It causes the electrolytes and the electrical system of the body to feel that emotional tension.

New Perspective

So what I’m going to ask you to do is if you want to decorate your house, decorate your house. It doesn’t matter whether you do so with the artifacts you find at the store, but do something special to move the furniture around and decorate it a little bit. Make a change, and a change in your furniture, a change in your home environment, changes something in your life. You get a new perspective.

Acknowledge This Happier Season

I would also ask you to, yes, meditate. There are all kinds of amazing meditations out there. Insight Timer, Eckhart Tolle has a meditation channel. We have all types of guided meditations; just meditate. Sit in the stillness, or just sit. Put on some soft music and journal about your life and your feelings and all of that. There are all kinds of things that you can do to acknowledge this happier season that we’re in right now.

Different Belief Systems

I’m going to arrange a Zoom call with my brothers. They don’t do technology very much, but I’m going to arrange a Zoom call with them. I have three brothers, and we have four different faiths, four different belief systems. I think it’s going to be important to start getting together online and chat with each other and experience the fun and joy we have with each other.

Grateful for You

What can you do to make this holiday season even more special than it is? When I stop and think about making this holiday season special, it is pretty darn special anyway. Because you’re in it, and you’re moving around in the world, and we’re grateful for you.

Learning New Things

We see that we’re all learning new things. We see that we’re all learning new aspects. The first of the month, we had a 7-day Global Meditation Series with Master Yeshua, where I brought in messages from Master Yeshua, which was a first for me. I’ve brought in messages from him before, but this time it was on demand. This time, I made that negotiation to be the divine link, as he calls me, to bring a new twist on things. So we’re all learning things new.

Reach Out to Somebody

In the past, if you have gotten a little sad at this time of year or a little depressed at this time of year, it’s time to learn something new and stop telling yourself the old story. Instead, reach out to somebody. There are lots of people around, surprisingly enough, that may feel the same as you do and be thankful for you to reach out to them.

Special Season

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little bit about my thoughts on this season so you can indeed have that experience of understanding this special season and what it means to you. Namaste, you all. Namaste.

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