No Mistake!

InnerActive Weekend: Duo Channel with Adironnda & Kryon in Sacramento, CA

Kryon with Marilyn Harper

InnerActive Weekend: Duo Channel with Adironnda & Kryon in Sacramento, CA
Sacramento, CA, USA – March 24, 2018
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The following is a transcription of Marilyn’s channeling of Adironnda during the Sacramento Event. This recording can also be found on Kryon’s site, March 24, 2018 “Fake News.”

No Mistake!

So it is good day to you, eh?
Very good to see you, your light, your brightness. It is brighter today than it was even yesterday, ya? Can you imagine that kind of brightness? Ooh! We see all of Sacramento and Northern California just wondering what in the world is happening in Sacramento, ah? Yes, we know your light is expanding in ways you do not even know possible. You have no idea what is going to happen next, and it’s like, and then it happens, and you say, “That was wonderful, huh?” Aaah, dearest beings of light, you know that coherence in your heart, you know that feeling of going into the heart and responding to life from that heart center. If you are responding to life that heart center, one might say that they would never get rattled. They? Ha-ha. And then that human thing happens, yes? Well, dearest beings of light, you are indeed the new human. Breath that in. You are, as we said, the next evolutionary step. So understand that every time you hear yourself complaining about some situation that you are in, our response would be to change your bracelet. Our response would be to, when you are complaining about it, you are indeed a part of the problem. Not part of the solution.

Holding Our Leaders

So yesterday our dear friend Kryon talked about bringing in the leaders of this country and all countries into that frequency of love. How would the leadership of this planet be if they were all coming to the world from that vibration? Just take a deep breath and imagine that right now. If it helps to put your hand on your heart and feel those leaders coming into your heart so you can speak to their souls. So you can speak to the wisdom that is coming within them. And help them honor that love. We do not really care what you think about the intention of other leaders because they are human, so therefore, they are your brother and sister. They are your family, and we know what you think about some of your family. Hold them in that state of love as well. For you see, when you hold even the most aggressive individual in a state of love, miracles can happen.

A Little Man in Israel

We want to tell you a story that happened when our vessel Marilyn and Lee and his entourage were with three hundred other people in Israel and that story this one little man, just a little light being. He was, we don’t know, somewhere between 70 and 150. So he was not a big strong man, but he was out wondering on his own, and he walked into the wrong neighborhood or the wrong street all by himself and was immediately accosted by beings that were pushing against him and threatening him in horrible, horrible ways. Telling him all many bad things they were going to do to him, for him, with him. Horrible stuff. And that wondrous little man just looked at them with an open heart and said, “I love you…I love you…I love you.” No matter what they did, no matter what they said. “I love you,” and these men stopped and walked away, and they went back to their homes at night and said, “You never believe what happened today.” And if that little man can change the life of possible attackers that would take his body so they would be shifted changed their home life, so can you. There are no mistakes in this world.


Could we tell you another story? Of course, what are you going to do? We’ve got the microphone! We had a dear friend that was on a tour many, many years ago in India. Many, many years ago, it was not, it was before we even thought about being here with Kryon. And she was very ill on her tour and went into the hospital. Couldn’t walk. And everyone that came up to her in the hospital, the personnel, the orderlies, people would say Namaste because that is their custom, yes? Namaste. And she would smile back up at them, and say, “Yes, I know, no mistake.” And they looked into her heart and they were changed by her love of “No Mistake.” You see that is what you are doing when you look back with love. Our dear Maureen having been dancing the dance all around making sure everything was perfect. And they just handled everything with love. When you handle everything with love, that is what you get back, yes? So open your heart to that coherence. Open your souls to that image of just presenting whatever adversity comes your way with “I love you…I love you…I love you.” And “No Mistake.” You see, if it were a mistake it would not exist. Correct? There is no such thing as failure. You know that. There’s only feedback. “Oh well that didn’t work very well. Let us try something new.” You’re wondering about the person in the hospital, yes? She did cross, and now she’s a guide with the Masters.

When You Shift…

So you see, how do you choose live your life. To go through life thinking that was a mistake, or this didn’t work, or blah, blah, blah. No, you are the way-showers. You are the enlightened ones, or at least working on it because you are here. You are the ones that are saying, “No Mistake” because we Namaste you. You see, we honor you even though you may be different from us, we still hold you in that heart of coherence. That heart of love. So how many times can you go through your day, today, tomorrow, when you get cut off in traffic, when whatever happens in your world, you can say, “I love you…I just love you,” and then see what miracles happen in your life, ’cause when you shift, everything around you shifts as well, and that’s the key.

We Came All This Way

There’s a whole lot of shifting going on, and that energy of shift is what is awakening the consciousness of this planet. So you can hold the leaders in your arms of love. When you meditate, bring them all to your heart center and help them learn and understand who they are, and help them understand that they can put their little egos aside sometimes, just as you can. So dearest beings of light, as you respond to your friends and your enemies, you know that time to become the new human is to keep that heart center open, and to know that there are No Mistakes that this person came into your life for some reason, for some reflection that you are getting to learn from once again even though you may have thought through all that. If it comes up again, you’re not finished with it. If you still have a body, you haven’t ascended yet. So understand, we implore you. We ask you to ask yourself, “what would love do in this situation…what would love say?” in this situation. How can that new energy be me? Huh? We know each of you are thinking of situations now where you want to hold that energy of love. So take a deep breath. Hold that energy and any conflict that no longer serves your highest joy. Any little discrepancy in the bliss point of your world, and just hold that energy right now. Breath into it. Look at it. Feel that energy. Maybe it is a relationship. Maybe it is a situation and just breath into it with, “I love you…I love you…forgive me. I forgive you…I forgive me…thank you…I’m so grateful for what you are teaching me…I love you.” Breath into that. And then let’s see what miracles happen in your world, huh? What miracles come to you because of that love, and you can email us. Let us know or email our vessel Marilyn. Let us know what miracle happen just because of love, because there is No Mistake. Dearest beings of light, we love you so much. We came all this way just for you. We are honored by your presence. By your commitment to staying here. Now we bid you Namaste. No Mistake!
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