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I’ve been sitting here in this hotel room, but not for as long as you think. I’ve just been thinking about what is truly important to me? We do an exercise in our Everything is Possible Plurkshop (next one is in Dallas 11/14-11/15), that gets you really clear on what values are most important to you. We describe it as your non-negotiables. So I’ve really just been sitting here thinking about, “What are my non-negotiables?” I mean, really and truly. I love my family, my brothers, they are wonderful, but I don’t really spend a lot of time, energy and effort to see them or be with them. So maybe I can change that, where I can appreciate them in the physical (maybe even on Zoom) more. What else are my values?

Finding Balance

Fun, my kids, my grandkids, they are very important to me, even though I don’t seem to make the time for them that I would like to make. So maybe I’ll make a commitment to make more time for them. And that brings me to the question of, “How do you make time?” I know. Adironnda says time is a come and go thing, that there’s a tear in the time and date continuum. Since there’s a tear, it’s very fluid and flexible. So I don’t know that you make time, but I think that you utilize your time effectively.

When I spoke a couple of weeks ago at Unity of the Hills in Branson, we did a thing where we asked about what you want to experience. And I put all kinds of things on my business side that I want to experience. And my personal side was just really short, which showed me that my life is not quite in balance. And I choose to bring that more into balance.

Having Fun

So what do I want to experience on a personal level? So that comes down to your values, that comes down to your non-negotiables. So I ask you, what would you like to experience on a personal level? Write it into the comment window here or on our Facebook post, what it is that you would like to experience in your world that is non-negotiable. I would like to experience love and acceptance infinitely in all of my relationships, with my brothers, with my son, with his four kids, with Joeaux, my business partner, and with my friends. I would like to experience the fun of life even when I’m not working. I find that I have the most fun when I’m working or “plurking” as Adironnda calls it.

Asking for Answers

I would like to have that much fun when I’m not what they call plurking, but then my work is my plurk, and my plurk is my work. So how do I balance that out? And I’m asking for answers. I’m asking to be able to read, to be able to take the energy of others who have written books and incorporate it into what we’re teaching as well, because there’s new ideas coming out every day. And I ask for us to be able to acclimate to them on some level, whether it’s physically reading a book, sleeping with a book or whatever.

Choosing Peace

What else would be a non-negotiable? Integrity, absolute integrity with everything that we do. Compassion for the world. To live in love, joy and peace. I’m a five-one-manifester in Human Design, which means that I’m an instigator of many activities, which is perfect for me… a great way to describe who I am. But my go-to reaction is either peace or anger, which is interesting. So I choose peace as my go-to non-negotiable. And if you don’t know anything about Human Design, email me and I will refer somebody to you that knows about Human Design because it was really an eye-opening experience for me. And it helped me realize what my non-negotiables are, what my realization of my own personal values are.

What are yours? What are your non-negotiables that you choose to experience in your personal world and or your professional world? So anyway, think about that. It’s kind of interesting. Namaste y’all. Namaste.

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