Numerology Meaning for 2018

numerology meaning for 2018

Below is the numerology meaning for 2018, created on New Year’s Day – Jan. 1, 2018. Each year, Adironnda webcasts a LIVE Q&A Numerology Meaning for the upcoming year, on New Year’s Day. We call it the State of the Universe Double Digit Message and Activation. We also have a monthly Double Digit message beginning on Jan. 11 each year, and then each month on the double digit of that month (1/11, 2/22, 3/3, 4/4, etc.)

Since 2000, Marilyn Harper and Randy Luna have presented this gift to the Universe, with LIVE music from composer Randy Luna including a guided meditation with Marilyn Harper.

At New Year’s, the numerology meaning often gives us insight on what the year ahead has in store for us. Enjoy this video below for the 2018 message.

Numerology Meaning for 2018: The Year Sci-fi Movies Become Reality

The Double Digit Activation kicks off an amazing year! Although Adironnda does make the touchpoint of why 2018 seems a lot like some of those sci-fi movies you’ve seen. The main message focuses on this:
“When you are your own foundation, no one can disappoint you.” ~Adironnda
Be prepared for Sudden Changes in your organization, and the structures that are leading our world. Anything that is not in integrity will indeed collapse upon itself.

2 + 1 + 8 = 11 NEW BEGINNINGS.

When you add in the 1 + 1 you get 13 which is a 4, meaning “structure”! We are assisting you in bringing in the new year with PURE POTENTIALITY of YOU. Included in this activation is Randy Luna’s encoded, channeled music and Adironnda’s Cellular Activation. We ignite your own potential to build the Live that you will Love. PLUS we will had a Q & A with Adironnda & the Council of Light, setting the pace for the coming year.

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BONUS: Music / Guided Meditation Tracks

Recorded by Marilyn and Randy Luna during the activation. Download it and enjoy it all year long!

2018 New Year’s Activation: Pure Potentiality
Marilyn Harper and Randy Luna
Branson, MO – JAN 2, 2018


Guided Meditation + Music


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Activation Music Track Only


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Transcript: Spiritual Message for 2018

So it is good day to you, huh? And we thank Master Randy Luna for the wondrous opening with that energy. Dearest beings of light, do you know in this year 2018 that all… We’ll give Randy Luna a big hand as he steps out of camera, yes. And he can’t hear all of your applause, but we can. So that is what is necessary.

So, in that energy, with that focus of jumping in and connecting with new and different connections today, going into the supermoon for tonight, going into 2018. Just as our dear “Vessel” Marilyn and our wondrous “Joy” got the opportunity to have some sudden changes at the last possible second, that is the pace for this year. Take a deep breath, darlings. Take a deep breath, dearest beings, because when we say take a deep breath, that means take a deep breath.

11 Numerology Meaning

You see, let us tell you a little bit about the 1/1/2018. You have the 1, 1, and then when you add up, 218, 2018, that also adds up to an 11, which is new beginning. So this entire year is about connecting with your spirituality and beginning anew. It is connecting with a spiritual focus that is within you, holding that energy in love, and light, and beautiful focus, and then jumping off the cliff into the abyss, as you see in our background, and flowing through that energy. That is what 2018 is about. Now, we want you to look at the 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, and then add the 2018, which is 11, 1, 1.

11 numerology meaning

So you’ve got all those little ones lined up together, which equals four, which is what today actually also equals. But before we get into that four, we want you to look at those ones. That one is you, my dearest beings. That one is a pillar of strength, courage, potentiality, enlightenment with no conscious means of foundation.

Now, yes, we know. Take a deep breath on that one. You see, all those ones lined up together, that is you, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, and your foundation has been pulled out from under you. Your foundation has been removed. So you may feel as though you can topple over at any given time through this next year. You may feel as though the energy of this next year is so huge and so big, and then once you think you have a foundation there that you believe that you can count on, it shifts, and sudden changes will come in, and you lose your foundation. That is why your foundation cannot be anything that is outside without you, anything that is outside of your physical structure.

We want you to take an understanding on that. Breathe in. Take a deep breath and say, “I am my foundation. I am my foundation. I am standing anew in this new vibration, in this new energy with courage, strength, love, my own magnificence, and the wondrousness of me.” That, dearest beings of light, is your foundation.

So the one is moving into a new area, a new arena. Now, when you add all of it up together, either one, one, one, one or one, one, two plus one plus eight, it all still adds up to four. And when you look at the four, the four is about structure, organization. The four is also striving for balance. The four is striving for that energy frequency. You see, it has no foundation there either, and it is asymmetrical in the English language anyway. We believe that our physical structures on all of the intentions, of all languages, of all numbers would anchor in together.

You see, in that energy, the structure is going to crumble until it finds its balance point. And once it finds its balance point, then it will rise up tall, carrying that balance point to anchor the energy of completion, connection, infinite possibilities throughout the entire galaxy. You see, 2018 is not a small endeavor.

2018 is the connection of you. You see, you are connecting the dots with that four, with that structure. This is the thing. This time, this energy, beginning now in the past two and from this point forward is what science fiction movies used to be based upon.

The mind creating the environment. The mind of your heart creating your world. Intention bringing forth all energies of spirituality into one divine purpose of living in love and forgiveness, living in love and compassion, living in love and joy, living in love and acknowledging the magnificence of who you truly are.

You see, this is the year that you discover your capabilities. One hundred years ago, women’s rights were getting a big pull in the papers. There were still horses also of the streets. Even though cars had come into play, we don’t know if planes did or not. The technology that brings us this energy is the technology that was not even a thought even 20 years ago.

As you understand the magnitude of this year, we are stepping into a supermoon that magnifies your energy of creation. We are stepping away from anything you choose to step away from and leave behind in 2017. We are stepping into your presence in a way that you have never done before. We are stepping into your presence in an acknowledgement that you have never before experienced. You are stepping into that divine connection and standing strong even though you may be feeling like you can only count upon yourself. That is your foundation. You, dearest beings, are your foundation.

Think of all that has been discovered in the last 5 years, 6 years, 7 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years. Think of all the avenues, that there is a computer that has a clock on it, that has a flashlight on it, that has an energy on it, that you can carry in your hand, put it in your pocket, stick it in your ear. Computers used to be as big as this room that we are in. Your brain is your master computer.

Your heart stimulates your brain as to what to do and how to be, and yet, in this energy, you have been used to being one way, who you believe others want you to be. And it is now time to learn what it means to be you 100% of the time with compassion for yourself, forgiveness for yourself, acknowledgement for yourself and live in a world full of others. Your personality, believe it or not, is based upon the pleasure of others. It may not be who you truly are.

So, in this next year, we are going to set about on a self-discovery mission within each of you to help you acknowledge your core, your center, your cellular being. We are traveling more with our “Vessel” Marilyn and “the Joy” through the world, through North America than even before, because we are on a mission to help each one of you awaken. We are on a mission to help each one of you discover that integrous center that you have within you, that is simply you and help you acknowledge as to what that indeed means.

What does it mean when you see sudden drastic changes in your world? Drastic, that’s what this year is about, not small. Well, it may be small, little, tiny changes, but the structure of that which is not in integrity is going to crumble. Illusion is reality. We sound like a doomsayer, “Hey.”

But, you see, the only way through this time is to band together and build your foundation, locking arms with one another. The only way you can work through this next year with love, and joy, and happiness, and laughter, and dance, and song, and magnificence is to keep that energy locked in even though you are the one to lock arms with other ones face-to-face, as “the Joy” says, belly-to-belly, buckle-to-buckle, eyeball-to-eyeball.

And breathe into the stillness of your own heartbeat, because your own heartbeat creates your world. Your own heartbeat creates the smooth sailing, soaring through all those massive changes or not. Now, which do you choose? We believe you will choose to soar and sail through all of the changes with this year so you come out on the other side going, “Phew, we did it. Very good. It’s 2019. Thank goodness.” Yes.

And, dearest beings of light, you must understand that, even though some of the items that are changing, and shifting, and bouncing about in this world in these next 365 days may seem to be horrendous, it is still all about that divine order. So I ask you today, not tomorrow, not the next day, or you may do it tomorrow or the next day, but today, 1/1, what is your foundation? Write it down. What is your issue? Write it down. What is your resolution? Write it down. What is it that you would love to embrace in these next 365 days?

One of the keys is going through the stillness. One of the keys is going through the energy and learning to find that stillness in your heart where you and your guides reside. That is where we’re going to go with our activation with Randy Luna, is we are going to uncover the pure potentiality of you, because, you see, if you are counting on something outside of yourself, it may change. If you are laying your foundation on something that is not into integrity, that may change. If you’re putting your focus on something that isn’t working for you, working with you in divine partnership of uniting, because the 11 is still a 2, divine partnership, then it is going to crumble. And we hope that crumbling will be as easy and effortlessly as possible, because once it crumbles, it can be rebuilt.

You see, the four still stands, asymmetrical that it is, the structure of the four as it is, the building of that organization as it is. So it is time to get your little fours in order, because, you see, if things are out of order, that integrity will magnify, or that lack of integrity will magnify. Yes, dearest beings of light, you are indeed creating your own world. You are indeed creating the world that you are living in. You are making it up as you are going along.

So today is the day that you’re setting your intention for exactly what you are choosing to create and when things on like that creation surface for you to find the strength, the power, the courage, the foundation to go into the stillness within yourself. For the next seven days, we are going to facilitate an online meditation. We have directed “the Vessel” Marilyn and “the Joy” to do so, and not enough time to get it all together technologically. However, they will do everything in their power to do so, because the way you set the pace in this time will last you through this year. And, yes, it is going to be free. We’ll give you more details. Pay attention.

You see, we, dearest beings of light, came all this way just for you. We are committed to you. We are committed to your questions. We are committed to your answers. We are committed to your heart. We are committed to your soul. We are committed to be the beacon of light that you are choosing. We know, dearests, that you have questions upon questions, upon questions, upon questions. Keep in mind that these next 12 months lots of changes are occurring. You may feel like you’re being put about here and there and yawn.

So it is the time to come together in community. It is the time to bring all your little fingers all together working as one. It is the time to lock arms with those individuals beside you that know you, and love you, and expect nothing from you. This is the time going into the next five years that you will see drastic technological changes, galactic changes, solar system changes, and all those changes are coming from within you. All those are coming in with ease, and grace, and love, and compassion, because you are setting forth. You are pure of potentiality.

So be not afraid when you look down and you don’t see your foundation. Know that you are your foundation. Don’t be afraid when you put your things together in one way and all of a sudden they don’t fit any longer. You’ve got to find a new way to fit, and the new way to fit is to be you 100% of the time, to be your awareness 1,000%. We ask you to start with enlightenment, stillness, and meditation, and we will start with you.

Adironnda: But for now, we hear the wheels are turning and the little keys tapping for questions. So, we have questions, yes? About anything, we don’t know if the joy is there. I can see the questions or can answer the questions. Ask the questions. We’re not sure about that, so we will see indeed. What do they say?


Joy: So the first question is, why do we or I do what is the good things of us and then stop? How to keep doing the right stuff, like food, exercise, vitamins, meditation?

Adironnda: Well, that’s because you don’t feel worthy into yourself to take care of yourself. We’re guiding our Vessel Marilyn to do an activation in body sculpting. To anchor in those right things, but you have to first feel yourself valuable and love your body, and love your physical being, and love your emotional being, and love your mental being, and love your spiritual being, and love all aspects of yourself. So you will do the right thing by your definition. And when you stop, you ask yourself, “Okay, so what triggered that stop? What triggered the work that is against you? What pushed those buttons that is within you, that caused you to shift your focus from within to without?” Next question.



Joy: Is there an organization being formed that can bring Americans back together and respect for each other again? Can we find common human ground again?

Adironnda: Yes, there is. We can find common human ground again. It is found in that stillness. It is found in that desire. As Vessel Marilyn was explaining, holographic healing to her granddaughter. The granddaughter is 17 and has a tendency to roll her eyes a lot. But she loves her “Mimi” as she calls it. And Vessel Marilyn was explaining holographically how to go inside the body. And she found herself explaining it from the messages from the water, you know, Dr. Emoto’s book if you don’t Google it, get it, look at it, read it because that is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that your mind, your soul, your heart, your energy is creating everything in this world. And if it can create pure water out of polluted water, then everything is possible, but you must stay balanced. Remember, you have no foundation in this here, your foundation is the size of the one.

So you get to be your own foundation and lock arms with others that are around you. That is why we are indeed taking our Vessel Marilyn the joy all over North America and we would go beyond North America, it just takes someone to help. Because you see, when we are together in Sacramento or wherever we are together, you can feel those arms locked in your foundation and it provides you indeed something to hold on to. Courage. So we will be offering many, many opportunities to gather physically and emotionally, spiritually, and virtually. Because we are here for you, and you can always count upon that. Next question.

Joy: My friend Teresa Leander just transition on 12/21/2017. When I went to connect with her on the other side, there is just no energy of her that I could find. Did she jump into another realm not connected to earth?

Adironnda: We can’t say anything about the specific of Teresa Leander. However, there are many, many, many who have decided to transition in the last six months, who have not taken the easy way out, but taken the way out to assist. So, know that your friend is there. Know that there are multitudes helping and hosting from, indeed, the other side, and know that in that connection, your own wondrousness is the power. So, if you want more specifics than that, that is why we are giving a new discount on those private session. So, but in that energy of knowledge, to know that those that have transitioned suddenly, or even in expected ways, they are working from the other side to assist.

We were on stage with Kryon in Hawaii, and [inaudible 00:07:03] saw our Vessel Marilyn’s mother who transitioned sitting on her lap. So know that your friend may not be on the other side. She may be sitting on your lap to assist you, to help you, to honor you and prove of you, and to acknowledge all of that energy that you are putting forth. So, instead of trying to connect with her to find out where she is and what she’s up to, know that she is fine, know that she’s not stuck anywhere, and honor her. Next question.

Joy: So since things will be so unstable for a while, would it be wise to sell home during this time? Will the currency be protected here in the U.S.?

Adironnda: Good question. Very good question. Why not? What do you have to lose? You see, you can’t hold your breath and stand on one toe for a year without making a move in any direction. We say make a move in every direction. This is why we are teaching people in such a determined way to find their guidance, to connect their heart to their mind, to their brain, to their third eye, to find their guidance. We’re teaching how to channel. We’re teaching stop self-sabotage. We’re teaching creating synchronicities. We’re teaching utilizing our innate abilities. We’re teaching everything we know. Because you see, you can’t hold your breath for a year and not do anything. You must move forward, you must. Even though at the very thought of it, your mouth gets dry and you start to shrivel up. Follow your intuition. If you cannot reach your intuition, then contact us. We will help.

You see, if your energy, if your intention is creating everything that is around you, you can create everything. So why not create the perfect buyer? You see, you are the creation of your world. So stop that self-sabotage. Stop that self-punishment. And stand strong knowing that you are your own foundation, and that your perfect fire is out there. So, step forward and hail them down, wave at them through the ethers. You must not stand frozen for a year afraid to move. Instead, take a step in that direction, if that doesn’t work, take a step in that direction. If that doesn’t work, take a step in that direction. We say always have prepared plan A, plan B, plan C. You see, today is a perfect example. Our Vessel Marilyn is over at Randy Luna how she spent New Year’s Eve celebrating the new year with the divine Randy Luna.

And there were both awakened early this morning with electricity going off. It went off three up to four times earlier today. And they both thought, “What about the double digit? What are we going to do? What are we going to do?” Well, they developed plan A, plan B, plan C. So, therefore, they did not have to do either plan, and we went with the first plan. And the electricity held because they both connected into their intuitish…intuition. Their intuitive guidance that is connected, intuish. Ha. How’s that for a new word? Plurk intuish. They connected into that energy and held that focus, and asked, “Do we need to relocate?” No. The electricity went off, we don’t know, three, four, five times today. Will it hold for our broadcast? Yes. Why? Because this message is so important we want everyone to hear it. That is our intention. What is yours? Next question.

Joy: What are the technical changes you speak of? Oh, Adironnda, before you answer that, can I just say something for those attendees who are typing their questions into the chat box. If they could type them into the question box, it’s easier to monitor them. I lose track of them in the chat box.

Adironnda: So the technical difficulties is the chat window keeps moving, so you might have to relocate to a different position. You see, how’s that for a metaphor? You are breaking new ground your soul has never been before. You are acknowledging that the energy that is brand new to this galaxy. The possibility that that you can affect the world with your heart-mind connection, that you can affect technology with your own electrical energy. It is about staying calm and centered. Whatever that takes to stay calm and centered, that will work. And when you feel like throwing the universe up against the wall and storming out and screaming “Mimi” rage, you can. It might not solve anything. It might not make you feel better, but at least you’re not holding it inside. And then come back to your center. We’ll take another question before we get ready for the activation, maybe two, we’ll see how long the answers are.

Joy: Do you think, Adironnda, it would be possible to, I don’t know, maybe after the activation take a few more questions because there were quite a few people that received in the last email a link that didn’t work, and so they just now got on.

Adironnda: Ha, we can stay on as long as you want. We may have two recordings, two CDs to mail out, ey?

Joy: Yeah, I think that would only be fair. So this question is, how is it for those of us that don’t have anyone to lock arms with? I’m looking for connections.

Adironnda: So understand that you are never alone, you may lock arms theoretically with anyone. You may lock arms with yourself. What is that genie person does that business? You know, and to know that there is someone near you physically. If they’re not physically near you, then reach out to them virtually. This time that you are living in, you can reach out and touch people without physically ever moving your space. And it is easier to physically move your space than ever before because someone, some being of light is coming to a city near you. Whether it is our Vessel Maryland, or Kryon or Abraham or someone.

Even the world religions are coming on board with this change. To understand the ramification of that, that if you are feeling like you are so totally alone, that you have no one to lock arms with, then that is your fault. That is your choice. You are creating your world. Read our lips what. You are creating your world. So get out of your comfort zone, of your jammies and scuffies and find someone virtually or in person. And it does not have to be that sweetheart, yes. Every question for the past two months has been about, “Where is my sweetheart?” Well, be your own sweetheart, dearest.

They’re out there looking for you, but you have to get out of the house to find them. You see, dearest, this is about going beyond your comfort zone. We’ve had examples of it today to awaken to no electricity on multiple occasions. To wonder if we’ll have to go to the library or go somewhere, or find the church to broadcast. That is beyond the comfort zone of our Vessel Marilyn. Now, we can go from anything, but we want to bring the wondrous Randy with us. That is why we are recording the personalized guided meditations is to keep you focused all year. It’s to help you, to know that you’re locking arms with us and we don’t even have arms. So we don’t need them to lock arms with you. But remember, you are the creator of your universe. So if you are creating emotional upheaval and no energy around you that you can love and count upon, then love and count upon yourself, dearest, because within you, you are not alone. Next question.

Joy: Can you talk about the energies of Hawaii and how you felt there in relation to Lemuria and other ancient civilizations?

Adironnda: Well, Hawaii is beautiful no matter where you are. Lemuria is anchoring and what this conference was the return to Lemuria was about acknowledging the healers that were in Lemuria. The healing practitioners that were working with the earth, that were working with the foundation. It was also about holding the intention that when the big volcano erupts, that that larva will flow in such a perfect direction that none will be harmed. You didn’t know that that’s one of the things that we were doing there, because the big volcano on Hawaii island is going to erupt at some point probably in your life. And yet, it is the direction of that lava that it builds an island or harms people. It is not Pile’s [SP] intention to harm people. It is Pile’s intention to build the island, to build that connection. So you see, as the energy in the island is growing in Lemuria, the energy of you is also growing in Lemuria. There seems to be this battle between Lemuria and Atlantis. Why? Is Lemuria exclusive Mu is god. Mu is creator. There is no exclusivity in God or the creator, it is in every cell of your being. Next question.

Joy: Will manifestation speed up in 2018?

Adironnda: Yes. Next question.

Joy: Let’s see.

Adironnda: What are you thinking about? How many times do we have to tell you what you are thinking about is what you are creating. Will manifestation speed up? How could it get any faster? You ask the question and then it does. Next question.

Joy: Let’s see. When I connect to Adironnda, does it raise my vibrations?

Adironnda: Of course, my dearest. We are not of this earth. We are not an “I” we are a “we.” We do not have physical form. We came to this planet in the highest vibrational form we could, and then anchored into this little round body of our Vessel Marilyn. Because she has the capability to acknowledge and go into dimensional and raise your vibration as well. And if you’ve ever seen her on stage, you know it is true. If you’ve ever had her on stage, you know it is true. So when you call upon us, Adironnda, we will be by your side always. We do not need a body to be by your side. And our intention is to raise as much of the vibration of this planet as possible. We’ll also tell the Randy that we’re going to be going a little long today, huh?

So, because we’ve got too many questions and technological is supporting and we’re doing new things in new ways. So you see, that is what we are talking about. It is the perfect example, huh? That the only reason we keep it to one hour is because it makes one CD. Why not have two? It’s just money. You see, what is it that you are wanting? What is it that you are creating? What is it that you are expecting? Are you expecting your life to be in the potty? Then it will. Are you expecting your life to soar with brand new subscriptions of the double digit activation state of the universe monthly message? Then it will. You see, are you expecting others to disappoint you? Then they will. Are you expecting you to disappoint you? Then you will. Are you expecting a mystical adventure in becoming so enlightened, you become the Buddha himself? Then you will.

You see, God saw us, sent many messengers to this planet, in human form not to show you the difference between the human form and you, the Buddha and you, the Yeshua and you, the Allah the you, but to show you the similarities. The Buddha went into the stillness unto the body tree to find yourself. Yeshua went into the stillness for 40 days to find himself, and he already knew who he was. So how long is it going to take you? You see, you have you, there is no separation any longer. Separation is not an integrity. So as you understand that energy, trust. Trust that focus. Next question.

Joy: Adironnda, there are a couple actually a handful of questions here about what you said earlier about the foundation. I’m gonna read one that I think sums up the other ones as well. This person says, “I’m sorry if I’m being intense, but I’m not sure I completely understand what foundation we’ve had that we will no longer be able to rely on in 2018. It sounds like we are to be self-reliant, but are we not also a foundation for each other?”

Adironnda: Well, there you go. There you have it, dearest. Oh, we’re here echo coming back on us. So there that energy comes in at. So you have the one, the one is straight up and down, sometimes in some…and that one looking at the English language. And one day we will look at all the other languages and draw those correlations, that shows that it is a pillar strong enough to stand without a foundation or two, has a strong foundation. So, in this next year, you have to have the courage to stand alone, and to be who you are no matter what. And you also get the opportunity to lock arms with beings of like mind and like energy, to know that the community can be a part of your foundation.

So, you’ve got sort of a double-edged energy there. First of all 11, two ones together, that form a two which is a strong foundation. So ,when you have that oneness, when you have that one diversified connection, you have to remain pure and strong, and to yourself. And the realization that you are indeed human and still have many lessons to learn because you have not ascended, because you still have this body on this planet. And that is when you reach for community to help you build without that strength of foundation, because that foundation becomes heart to heart, not feet to feet.

It is like when you look at the spokes of a wheel. Kriol [SP] made that acknowledgement go listen to, he’s from Hawaii. But when you look at the wheel, you’ve got to hub, correct? And you’ve got spokes coming out from that hub. They can be five, that is what he talked about, we see many more than five. But that does not come into a wheel until you put a rim around it, which connects mind to mind. So at the outside edge of that wheel is your mind, and you are sending that mental connection to connect to others, which is where you’re locking arms. So that builds your foundation, we have a foundation in this world. Everything that you know to be a part of your support, your foundation, your house, maybe your friendships, maybe your romantic relationship, or maybe your sweetheart, maybe your husband, maybe your wife everything that you know this year is in a state of change to accommodate the new energy.

So that is why you may feel like you have no foundation, but also know that those wants are an instant snapshot of your thoughts. So then they recreate a foundation out of thin air with a community of others or yourself. When you are your own foundation, no one can disappoint you. When you are your own foundation and you joined forces with another foundation, that makes a triple foundation. So you see, what we are saying is that in this world, in this land, in this 2018 year, when you look at it, you’ve got the two which is a strong foundation and one which is not the foundation, and the eight which is a rocky foundation because it’s all rolling around, but when it rolls over on its side you have infinite. So you see, it is the illusion that you are creating and we ask you, “What are you creating?” Pain, joy, happiness, sorrow, all have their place, all help you build upon another. So, when you get feedback, step forward in a new direction, in the same direction, and beyond that direction. Next question.

Joy: Marilyn will love this question. Will you be offering a Holographic Healing three this year?

Adironnda: Yes, we keep trying to. Yes, in the next Holographic Healing three, we will teach you and help you learn to see remotely. To see, we have to learn that the body is a hologram that you can sense, but to practice and strengthen those remote muscles to see, sense, feel, hear, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt what it is that you are looking at inside of the human body. Now, all of the people that have taken a Holographic Healing one and two need to email our Vessel Marilyn and say, “Do you want it in 21 days or do you want it over the span of four or five weeks?” That is where she is having difficulty. Next question.

Joy: Is counting upon you the same as making you our foundation?

Adironnda: That is a wonderful question because we are just a reflection of you. So even though, you see, counting upon you, we are counting upon you as well. You see, we want you to feel what it feels like beyond a shadow of doubt that you are always being held with unconditional love. God, source is indeed in every cell of your body, and we are part of that vibration. So counting upon us is also counting upon you, for we are in yourselves as is God or source whichever term you prefer. Good orderly direction. You see, but we are still on that pinpoint of your foundation.

So we want you to understand that even though your brain wants this big island as your foundation, this big platform of two by fours of your foundation, that you can knock upon, that you can uphold on to and see, and feel, and touch, and hear, it is not going to look like that. It is not going to feel like that. It’s not going to be like that. Instead, this is going to be within your heart. When you meditate, you have that stillness within you. Yes? Is there anything physical that you can hang on to? No. Yet you know that it is there. So that is the illusion that you are attempting to put a definition on, you are creating your world. What do you choose to create? Next question.

Joy: Let’s see. Given a significant past life, how do we continue without the depth and capability or full understanding of that incarnation now?

Adironnda: Given the significance of a past life, how do we grow beyond it? Is that what you’re asking, huh?

Woman: Yeah, I think what this person is asking is, you know, if we believe that we had a past life, how do we live now without fully understanding our incarnate…I don’t know what they’re asking?

Adironnda: Exactly. That is my point. What you’re trying to do is you’re trying to make the world, which is you can’t touch, you can’t physically fit into this glass, because our bluebottles are all in Arkansas. You see, you’re trying to say that if you had a significant past life, every life that you’ve had is significant. Because it brings you to this point right here, every life. You learned traits 3,000, 26,000 years ago. Skills that may be lying dormant for 26,000 years, and now, this year, you’re going to get the opportunity to put those traits, those talents, those skills, into action. Now, should you have to go back and relive that life to see what those skills are? No. We actually created a recording that is a brand new way to get into the Akashic record yesterday.

A brand new example, to look at your past life to bring them forward and then let them go. To be you. You see, dearest, dearest, you are you, period. Take a deep breath. Your past is you, your future is you, your above is you, your below is you, your right is you, your left is you. You are you in all of your past and your present. So the person who did something significant that they’re still punishing themselves for now because they don’t feel worthy, stop it. The person that did something significant that they want to learn how to do the same thing now, open yourself up in the stillness and the talent will come back to you. But it may not look like what you think it will look. So, therefore, you have to be open to everything dearest.

Your pure potentiality, that is what our activation today is. The pure potentiality of you, and we believe it is time for our activation. If you have more questions, post them on the website. You see, that the energy of your potential, you are creating your world. You are indeed creating your universe by magic. The divine Randy Luna comes in, and walking upon air, yes? You see, your focus of your own potential is infinite. There is no timeline there. So the timbre of the notes that you are creating, which is why we’re going to give you the guided part and just the notes alone, the pure notes that you are creating, that Randy is creating is acknowledging the database of you. It’s bringing your pure potentiality, your foundation, your lack thereof foundation, your creation, your community together.


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6 thoughts on “Numerology Meaning for 2018

  1. Numerology says:

    Thanks for the article. Numerology analysis, when performed correctly, can offer very valuable insight into your life’s blueprint and help you unleash your full potential.

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  3. Marilyn Harper says:

    The Total combination of the numerology according to the Sanskrit foundation is 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 8 = 13 then 1 + 3 = 4 Structure, organization, balance. I know Adironnda has some other ideas about the shape of the numbers etc, but that is my take on it.

  4. Patty says:

    Thank you for the replay. I am curious about how 1+1=13 though. When I get 1+1 I get 12.
    Are you adding an extra number that I’m not seeing???
    Thank you so much ( in advance for your response)

  5. Stephanie Burns says:

    Help!!!! I am a double digit member, but I have not been able to get on to the Jan. 1 double digit. Please help. Sounds like a really good one. I know I signed up some time mid year.

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