New Year’s Day Message of the Numerology Meaning for 2016

Numerology Meaning for 2016

In this free numerology reading, Adironnda shares the Numerology Meaning for 2016 in this State of the Universe Double Digit Message and Activation of 1/1/2016.

Marilyn Harper and Randy Luna have been doing a conscious activation since 2000 – as a gift to the Universe. Some of our music in the store comes from these New Year Broadcasts. Please enjoy this video replay from our New Year’s Day broadcast, what we fondly refer to as the Double Digit (1/1) State of the Universe Message.

The numerology meaning for 2016 sets the pace for the rest of the year. 2016 adds up to numerology number 9, the ending of cycles.

Understand, this is a larger frequency than just the ending of a cycle. The difference between a pattern and a cycle is that a pattern is an imprint that carries forward until you release it. A cycle lasts usually about 7 years and repeats until it is recognized and released. It is a much bigger thing to deal with… and it will come back with a vengeance until you’ve dealt with it.

Many of you may have recognized this in the end of 2015. These are things that are out of integrity with your soul and are coming up for your Highest good, for this lifetime.

Once released, then you will begin a new. You cannot end one cycle without beginning a new one.

So, that is the pace for the entire year.

For January 1, the numbers add up to an “11” which is a master number for spiritual beginnings. The numerology meaning for 2016 is numerology number 9, the ending of cycles. So, if you would like to maintain the flow in ending one cycle, it’ll be easier if you ignite and work into your routine a powerful spiritual practice when beginning the new cycle.

Meditation is key. It doesn’t have to be for long… 15-20 minutes per day.

This is the year that you learn to hear with a different avenue than your ears. You’ll hear with an open heart, things that are not said with the lips. You will know, you will recognize the energy when those around you are not speaking their integrity.

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One thought on “New Year’s Day Message of the Numerology Meaning for 2016

  1. Martha Magee says:

    Marilyn, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    About to listen and just wanted to write and say You look so BEAUTIFUL!!

    Much Love to you and Robey too!!


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