Numerology Meaning for 2019

Catalyst for Change

Below is the 2019 numerology message, created on New Year’s Day – Jan. 1, 2019. Adironnda & Company always begins with a LIVE Q&A Numerology Webcast for the upcoming year, on New Year’s Day. We call it the State of the Universe Double Digit Message and Activation. You can also join us monthly for our Double Digit message beginning on Jan. 11 each year, and then each month on the double digit of that month (1/11, 2/22, 3/3, 4/4, etc.)

We’ve been delivering Double Digit messages since 2000, along with Marilyn Harper, Joeaux Robey, and Randy Luna. In fact, this is our 10 year anniversary so keep an eye on your in-box for a special celebration. Also, on the 1/1 webcast, Randy always gifts everyone with a special activation track created specifically for the energy of the new year.

Below is the video replay of our annual Numerology New Year’s Day message. Enjoy!

Numerology Meaning: Catalyst for Change!

This Double Digit Activation kicks off tumultuous year! Adironnda tells us that 2019 will bring forth anything that is blocking you so that you get the opportunity to move through it. These types of changes are truly worth embracing.
“This is the year that anything blocking your path will come up… but you must still take action.” ~Adironnda
This is a BIG one, folks. Not to be taken lightly and also not to be feared. It is within the fearlessness that the most amazing change will take place for the entire planet.

2 + 1 + 9 = 12 and 1 + 2 = 3: THE CHANGES WITHIN YOU

When you add up the 1 + 2 which is a 3, it means “three-fold” for 2019! Let me explain.
  • One, a 3 represents change, so we are changing, you are changing, the world is changing, the earth is changing, the galaxies are changing. So take a deep breath on that one and know that the changes, even though they may seem a little tumultuous at the time, will actually be better…when you give them the chance.
  • Two, the 3 is also about the Holy Trinity, the Sacred Three, the triangle, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Y’know: Yeshua, Buddha and Baba Ji.
  • The Three is about the tree of life. It is also about calling in the Ascended Masters for YOU. And to let you know how that change is going to occur, it could be subtle, OR, it could be powerful.

Know that everything is changeable.

In this year you’re going to get the opportunity to breathe forth that energy to know that change is occurring… to know that as change is occurring, it’s like the changing of the seasons, it is inevitable. It is like taking wherever you are and working wherever you want to work. The 1/1/2019 Double Digit message is about the changes that are happening in YOU.

So what are you willing to shift?

  • What are you willing to acknowledge?
  • Do you know what you are searching for?
  • What experience do you want out of life?

Because it is all…a part of the illusion of life.

  • Are you a seeker, or, are you a transformer?
  • Are you a person that questions everything, or are you a person that trusts that Divine Order is indeed in process?

**Watch this page for the full transcription. We wanted to give you the replay as fast as possible but if you prefer reading the transcription it will be up in just a few days.**

Everything is changeable.

Namaste y’all, namaste.

Adironnda with the Divine Link, Marilyn Harper

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BONUS: Music / Guided Meditation Tracks

Download and enjoy this 2019 Numerology Activation recording by Randy Luna and Marilyn Harper:

Marilyn Harper and Randy Luna
Branson, MO – JAN 1, 2019

Guided Message + Activation + Music Download


Or, Listen Here Below…

Adironnda’s 2019 Numerology Message


Q&A Session



Complete Transcription


So, it is good day to you…

It is so wondrous to see your energy, your love, your light, we give thanks to the divine Randy Luna.

This is the year of change
This is the year of moving forward in your energy

We give thanks to Randy, Rando, Randy-Rando, we give thanks to the Joy, we give thanks to David Robey and we give thanks to sparkling things here, eh? [Adironnda can see the whirling lights Joeaux and Marilyn are holding.] Because that is the energy of focus.

That is the energy, so you might as well get your sparkles on now! Because you see in the sparkling energy, what that is doing, that is reflecting the iridescent quality of you. That is reflecting the iridescent quality of all the world that is around us.

2+1+9 adds up to a 12, which 1+2 then adds up to a 3, which is cataclysmic change

Not just change, but cataclysmic change. Depending on who you are listening to, it is also about the energy of the divine beings of light. The Ascended Masters.

It is about acknowledging those Ascended Masters that are indeed coming to anchor their energy within your heart, within your core, within your energy, within your field, within your spectrum, within your home, within your town, within your city, within your state, within your country within your continent, within your planet.

You see, that is also the 3. That is going on all year long. So this is the time, this is the year, if you want to learn to channel, this is the time. If you want to learn to be more intuitive, this is the time. If you want to learn to heal holographically, this is the time. If you want to learn to build your business through energetic marketing, this is the time. If you want to find out who you are, and what your mission is on the planet, this is the year.

The cataclysmic changes that are taking place are now wrapped in compassion

You see, change is one thing.

When you have the 1-1-2019, that adds up to a 14…which 1+4 then equals 5, which is change. Ha! So, you are double-changed! That is that cataclysm that’s going on right now.

Please, take a deep breath, dearest beings of light. We know change to many represents something that is negative, represents fear, represents pain, represents all the energy that is bubbling up to the surface and thinking, “oh my goodness, how can I have this change?” How can you not?

When you wrap that change with flow, when you wrap that change with compassion, when you wrap that change with love, when you wrap that change with joy, when you wrap that change with peace, when you wrap that change with the ability to see beyond the immediate shift and see what the outcome of that shift is, that is what is happening in all of 2019.

We know there are eclipses, there are solar moons, there’s ellipsoids, there’s all kinds of meteor showers, there’s all kinds of astrological energy that is happening right now in this year. It is exciting, isn’t it?

For you see, dearest beings of light, you have volunteered to be here on this planet at this time.

There are many who have jumped off and decided to leave, but through the miracles of love, through the miracles of technology, through the miracles of modern medicine, through the miracles of traditional doctors, that energy is now catapulting, cataclysmic, it’s like an ignition switch.

You know how when you have one of those long lighters that you light fireplaces with, you know, and you click the switch and it clicks and you click and click, and all of a sudden you get this flame bursting out? That is what is happening this year.

You may have been clicking and clicking and clicking in the last year, because last year was about new beginnings. Last year was stopping and seeing what it is that you are choosing in this world. This year, take a deep breath, dearests!

The cataclysmic change of compassion! ~ Adironnda

in every aspect of your life, acknowledging the Ascended Masters that are, indeed, working with the beings of light on this planet through you, not outside of you. Through you.

In the past, you may have put those Ascended Masters, those teachers that seem to be smarter than the human that is within you, outside of yourself.

In this year, they are aligning with your source, with your spirit.

Now, it has happened before, this is not new information, but in this year, you get the opportunity to acknowledge that. It’s to acknowledge the masters, to learn your own mastery, to practice your own mastery.

That is why we entitled Holographic Healing Level IV, Practicing Mastery. That is much more than learning how to look into bodies and realign them, it is about being the master that you are here to be and leading others into their own mastery as well. That is the cataclysmic change that is occurring.

The power of intention

You see, these changes…many times they may at the moment feel like the cataclysmic has pulled the slingshot back, and you’re still soaring through the air waiting to land somewhere that you know not where. Well, always know that when you trust, when you trust that information, when you trust that energy, you will land on a pillow and have a soft landing. Because, that is your intention.

If, as you’re soaring through the air, through the changes that are occurring you are looking down and you’re thinking “oh, dear, oh no, we’ve got barbs down there, we’ve got mountains down there, we’ve got all kinds of things that could hurt us down there, then that is what will show up for you.

Take a deep breath. This is a year of changes.

This is a year that we are shifting as well. This is a year that we are working, plurking…play plus work equals plurk…we are plurking through you, as well as others.

You see, the Ascended Masters that are working through you on this planet, that is why it is so important for you to understand how to separate your ego from reality. Your ego’s intention from that message of light that is excommunicating you from your own soul.

Now is the time to communicate with your soul

In this coming year, it is already begun. It began in 12/29. We have friends that got new organs in their body when it was not possible for that to happen before. We have friends that decided to cross into the other realm to help from the other side.

So, understand that the energy that is right here, right now is very strong energy.

There is nothing wimpy about this energy. Breathe into that.

That is why it is now that our book Is coming out, so you have a reference book, Double Digitology, eh? It is now that we are working…we are plurking…for our mission is to help you balance totally and completely in the line of alignment and flow.

So, all those shifts are coming with ease and grace and love and compassion, joy, laughter, and when the shifts do cause you to take a deep breath and step back, you see the illumination cutting through the illusion of the ego. You see the illumination of the alignment, just as you see the illumination of the alignment of the stars for this year.

This is a year that is a cacophony of compassion

This is a year when if it is not compassion, it is the opposite. You know, if it is not love, it is fear, yes? So, which are you choosing? Love and compassion, which are the same, benevolence, which is also the same, or fear?

It is interesting that we have three words right off the top of our energy to describe that compassion, and we only have fear on the other side. And yet, if you hold a sign up to yourself, as we have said before, that just says ‘fear’ on it, that is all you see.

And if you hold a sign up that says ‘love’ on it, that is also all you see.

If you hold a sign up that says ‘compassion’ on it, that is also all you see.

So, which is it that you’re choosing? This is the cataclysmic year of compassion. This is the year to really, truly, once and for all, be YOU.

That is why we are asking our vessel, Marilyn, and the Joy to go to what seems like every city in the universe. It’s not quite every city, there’s a few that we are missing, to help you learn that living in this quantum energy is different than it was even two or three year ago.

Yes, everything changed in 2012 and again in 2017

And now it is shifting every year, until the dimensional frequency of this planet is ALL in the same realm, as safely and easily as possible, because that is what is happening.

The dimensional shift of this planet is moving through fractal time, is moving through that energy, is moving through that vibration. And yet, in its divine perfection, the great Mother Gaia is supporting all. The great Mother Gaia is holding YOU, yes YOU, personally, in her heart of love.

So, what we say is anything then that separates you from that love, you from that compassion, you from that joy, you from that peace, you from…stop it! That is another reason why we are going city to city, if necessary, to acknowledge that life, even if it is filled with cataclysmic changes, can still be held in the benevolence of YOU. Can still be held in that divine flow.

It depends on what you are choosing to create

The Joy is choosing to create a year of gratitude. So even when two minutes ago, it seems like maybe it was 20 minutes ago, there was all kinds of fervor going on in this area, we’ve got lights, we’ve got sound, we’ve got action, we’ve got sparkly lights, we have blinking lights, when we don’t know what we’re doing, we’re having…well, we do know what we’re doing, and look, we can play music too [there is tinkling against a glass].

You see, dearests, then it all comes down to what you are grateful for

We are grateful for you, so what is one word to describe what your vision is? Just one word. Because anything else is too much, and must be a change of simplification. What one word…you want to write it in the Comment Window below…Joeaux’s is gratitude. The vessel Marilyn’s is compassion. What is your word for 2019?

Then we will take all those words and work them into Weekly Messages, eh? What a great idea, eh?

We get ideas as we speak

You see, it is about taking one tiny aspect in your world and shifting that tiny aspect. It may be cleaning out a drawer, and if you clean out that drawer with the intention of cleaning out an aspect of your world to make room for something new and wonderful…gratitude, love, joy, blah, blah, blah…then so it is.

It is about acknowledging that you know you are a master

You know the mastery that is growing within you, and as that mastery is growing within you, it is growing in your field, and as it is growing in your field, then it is growing into the field of others. Then it is growing into the conscious shift of illumination. Then it is growing into the…then it is growing into you.

You understand, dearest beings of light, this a new year

2019 is that cataclysmic change. 2020 is about living that change. It is about the divine partnership, the master builder that you have built that is catapulting you into success on all levels, whatever that success may be defined as.

So, know, this is also the year that anything that is blocking your path is going to be coming up to be dealt with. Take a deep breath on that one, eh? It is going to be coming up to be dealt with and as it is coming up to be dealt with, you’re breathing through it.

What is blocking you?

For you see, it was just a few days ago that someone asked the vessel Marilyn and the Joy what is blocking you? They couldn’t quite verbalize it at that moment. Because they understood that it was a much larger question than, oh well, blah, blah, blah, this and that. They’ve always talked about this and that. It is not the this and that that is blocking you. That is just the illusion created by your ego. But it is something much deeper.

The music that you are hearing today by the master, Randy Luna, will encode within you that energy that removes those blockages. Yet, you must still be the one to take action. You must still be the one to acknowledge that life, that joy, that focus of your action.

You see, there are many, many reasons why you cannot do something that you are choosing to do. Do you know what we call those reasons?

Maddening excuses

You see, they are maddening because they make you angry at yourself, which that is the worst person to be angry at, because then you just take it out on everyone else, yes?

And excuses, to just explain why I didn’t do this, why I didn’t do that, why I couldn’t do that, blah, blah, blah blah, blah…. that is your ego trying to convince you to remain small. Convince you that you are not able to live your life destiny.

So just turn to that little ego and tell it that you love it, and then be quiet. For you see, that ego is all based on past paradigms. It is all based on what it has created in the past for you to keep the drama all stirred up. But now, today, 1/1/2019, you are moving into the cataclysm of change which is…not ego-driven.

There is no paradigm for where you are moving into now

You can try your best to communicate with things, and act with things, and respond or react as you did last week or last month with lots of maddening excuses, or some story, or some infinite information to convince you that it is not possible.

Or you can realize that the infinite possibilities are now here.

The infinite possibilities that everyone has been talking about for year and year, saying everything is infinitely possible, this year that is the change. This year, you are the catalyst of change, and, you’ve got the backing and the support and the internal vibrational energy and wisdom of all the Ascended Masters that are within you.

There are teachers that will help you learn this.

Be aware. Understand that you know what you need to know, you just might get to bring it to the surface. Understand that in that cataclysm of change, benevolence still resides. Compassion, love, is the foundation of that change, so therefore, it is time to be grateful for that change.

So, when everything is going what feels like pushing against you, you still get the opportunity to trust. You still get the opportunity to hold that vibrational frequency of love, and as you are holding that vibrational frequency of love, know that the cataclysmic energy turns from being like an explosion to being like an opening flower. Which would you prefer?

You see, the opening of a flower that is a bud, a flower, is still a cataclysmic change, yes? Know the flower already knows its destiny. It knows when it is born, in the seed, what it is going to look like. Your seed may know that, but your brain, your energy, your heart, might not quite understand it yet. THAT is what this year is about.

You must have a spiritual practice

Breathe. You must acknowledge the stillness in the way that you can, because in that stillness, that is where the answers are. That is when you listen closely enough for the Ascended Masters that are within you to speak. And to know that they are…you.

Now you’ve got that 3.

In English, the 3 is like this [plays a chime]. And as that 3 is like this, the bell rings to remind you that it is still about the 3, but you see that 3 has no firm foundation, it is a rocky foundation.

If you look at it in one way, it could be half of an 8. So, it is half of abundance, an infinite energy. Or if you look at it another way, it is still in perfect symmetry, even though the bottom is rocky.

A 3 also could be made up of three ones, three I’s, standing up, or three ones, standing up, which is also 3. That means you’ve got the courage to stand without that foundation, as that foundation is rocky. So where are you putting your foundation?

In this whole year, the foundation is going to be moving around a bit. It is like sitting on one of those balls, you know? You know, those balls that they make to sit on that make your back healthier. It is like sitting on one of those. It moves around. That is what you’re doing with every step you’re taking this year.

Take a deep breath, it sounds like a threat, doesn’t it? It is not.

But if you look at it and say “today—today, 1/1/2019, this what I am creating in this year. One word: Compassion. One word: Gratitude. One word: Clarity. One word: Wisdom. One word: Heart. One word: Health. One word: Illumination. One word: Enlightenment.” What is it?

And then, what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to write in your journal, write in your book, oh, this is what you’re doing this year? And then forget about it when you close the book? How many times have you done that? And how has that helped, eh?

No, this year, today, we ask that you set your intention for that divine clarity and then brainstorm it for at least 22 minutes. That is the master builder that is within you. Our vessel Marilyn is saying, “so that’s why you always say 22 minutes!” Hahahaha! Sometimes we know some things that she does not. And sometimes she knows some things that we do not. So then brainstorm it for 22 minutes, all of the possibilities until you come to one clear sentence.

And then every single day, you get the opportunity to do something towards that outcome. You see, you could set all the intentions that you want to set, and you can hold all the energy and that will flow very well, but sometimes you get the opportunity to take action. Even if that action Is just to sit and meditate on it. Even if that action is to get up out of the sofa and take action. Even if it is to open your front door. Even if it is to move forward in that energy.

Take a deep breath.

That is what we help facilitate in creating synchronicities to master the superhuman that is within you. You see, when they began this Superhuman plurkshop that they are working with, they did not even know what the theme for this next year was. That is how that divine order works. Because that superhuman is about acknowledging all of the master teachings that are within you. And finding them and pulling them out so you can indeed use them. Breathe that in, dearests. Breathe that in.

This is your year

Repeat it after us…

Put your hand on your heart…put both hands on your heart, why not, and repeat this phrase after us:

“This is my year. This is my year of joy. This is my year of love. This is my year of change into my own divine, centered beingness. Because I love myself and, I am willing to learn to love myself more. So, I can indeed help others learn to love themselves more. So, I can indeed BE the cataclysmic change that I wish to see in this world, of compassion, of gratitude, of benevolence, of peace and joy. And so, it is.”

We love you sooooooooo much,

Adironnda with the Divine Link, Marilyn Harper

Note from the editor: Adironnda is a channeled compassionate Being of light. English is their second language. Seriously. This transcription has been provided to you as closely to the words that Adironnda speaks and has not been edited for perfect english grammar. We wish to leave in “the flavor of” Adironnda.

We love to hear your comments, please feel free to leave your thoughts below in the comment box.

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    I just wanted to mention that the link on this page for downloading the Guided Message, Activation and Music shows as a HTML file rather than a mp4 video file. The player window above does play the whole video but I would like to get the download also.
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