Numerology Meaning for 2020

2020 numerology meaning

Building Mastery

Below is a video of the 2020 numerology message, recorded on Jan. 1, 2020. As a special gift for you, on New Year’s Day each year, Adironnda & Company offers a free live webcast where Adironnda & The Council of Light discusses the energy for the New Year, and what you can expect in the months ahead, with a State of the Universe Message. That’s immediately followed with a LIVE Q&A where the audience gets to ask anything related to the upcoming year. And then, we move into a sound activation and guided meditation powerfully combining to amplify and activate the energy of the New Year.

Enjoy the video replay of our annual numerology message!

2020 Numerology Meaning: Building Mastery

This 1/1 Double Digit State of the Universe Message & Activation kicks off a Master Builder Year! Adironnda tells us that 2020 is about structuring your mastery in Divine partnership.
“Pay attention to all methods of organization and structure to ensure that it’s serving your highest good.” ~Adironnda

Monthly Double Digit Webcasts

We’ve been delivering Double Digit State of the Universe Messages for more than a decade, since 9/9/9, with Marilyn Harper, Joeaux Robey, and Randy Luna. At the end of each monthly webcast, there’s a live Q&A followed by a special audio activation to amplify the themes discussed. As a Double Digit subscriber, you’ll get each of these tracks delivered to you via email to download within 24 hours of the broadcast, access to our private Facebook group, and 10% off anything in our Web store, including retreats.

You’re invited to join us monthly for our live Double Digit webinars. The next one will be held on Saturday, 1/11 at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET, and then again each month on the double digit day (2/2, 3/3, 4/4, etc.)

Soul Sound Activations for 2020

Would you like to receive a powerful musical activation, like the one you heard at the end of the 1/1 Double Digit, each week throughout 2020? Our master musician Randy Luna is releasing 52 weeks of encoded music for your soul’s expansion. Now you can get his original music activations outside of the monthly Double Digit webinars! A new track is being produced and delivered each week to subscribers of Randy Luna’s Soul Sound Activations.

Namaste y’all, namaste.

Adironnda with ‘The Vessel’, Marilyn Harper and ‘The Joy’, Joeaux Robey


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