Open Your Discernment and Evolve

Open Your Discernment and Evolve

Walk-In Conference

Hello, by the time you hear this message, I will have just completed being a speaker at the walk-in conference, The Cosmology of the Soul. It was amazing. There were 22 different speakers with 22 different perspectives on walk-ins, DNA, the galactics, the energy, the shift of Isis, the Egyptians’ shift, human design, and astrology.

Different Perspectives

It was phenomenal with all of the different galactic perspectives from walk-ins and people that were Starseeds and Jumpers. There are six different varieties of walk-ins, according to Sheila Seppi. Sheila Seppi has just written a book, Walk-Ins: The Cosmology of the Soul. It was a fascinating experience to be amongst 22 experts on something that is pretty darn obscure.

Turn on Your Discernment

So, this is a prime example of going into your own BS system. You must go into your own belief system and turn on your discernment and see what works the best for you. Now when you turn on your discernment, that doesn’t mean that you judge someone else. That means you take what someone else is speaking, take it in and see if it resonates, or if you resist it, see why you resist it. So it can be a part of your evolution.

Amazing Experience

It was amazing, and I am so thrilled to have been a part of it just this past weekend. Here is the link if you’re interested in any of the recordings or any aspects of it. Walk-Ins 3 Day Online Conference – The Cosmology of The Soul

State of Evolution

We have to have our discernment on for everything. Even with Adironnda, you get the opportunity to see what resonates with you. If it doesn’t resonate, why doesn’t it resonate? And if you’re resisting evolution, we are all in a state of evolution, and this world is changing so rapidly right now that it’s hard to know how to put your pants on right.

Reorganize Your Brain

I mean, start doing things with your non-dominant hand. Start putting your trousers on or your pants on the opposite of what you usually do. Start brushing your teeth with the opposite hand, try eating with the opposite hand, because what that does is reorganize your brain and help your brain reformat to be open to those new things. So, I just wanted to share that with you. Love you all. Namaste y’all.

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