This is a two-fold explanation. First please, allow me to share my personal beliefs about channeling. I believe EVERYONE is capable of bringing in information from a different realm than the one we are currently living in.

Be that information from a higher source or a lower source, all information is connected to the beings, humans (and maybe animals) that live on the Earth. Yes, everyone is able to channel. Some experience that vibrational frequency a little more quickly or easily than others.

However, in my opinion, it is just like most any other skill, talent or even gift. Some people come into this world with an innate ability to sing beautifully, or write prolifically. Others with practice and teaching can improve those skills and even expand what appears to be a gift from God or Source. YET, with practice all can sing, or write. Right? It is the same with channeling.

We have two programs that help one develop those channeling muscles.

Opening the Channel Within – one day class

This course is offered in person or online. Either way it is profound and has proven successful in igniting the ‘channeling’ experience. This one-day class magnifies the pathways to the information brought in from either a participants Higher Self, OverSoul, or outer dimensional realms.

In the group setting you will hear the experiences of others, their concerns and you will receive a “download” for your internal channeling software. You will then get to practice eye-to-eye with others who are on the same level as you.

Opening to Channel – One-on-One

During this series of approximately 7 private sessions with Marilyn and Adironnda & the Council of Light, you will learn, develop or enhance the skills necessary to bring through energy, information or beings from a higher dimension who are no longer in physical form. Participants of this one-on-one training receive downloaded software into their energy field and will learn first hand how to sense, feel, hear or even simply know the energy that presents.

You will experience the comfort as guides from outside your physical body and connect with those beings within your own Guidance System.

You will be able to sense and then communicate their energy strong enough to feel the deep connection with those energies from the Light who reside within the realm of your own Oversoul or Higher Self. Through practice, you will gain the confidence to speak or write what you receive, then express that information for the Highest Good of Humanity.

This series of 7 sessions may be used to support you as a professional channel of Spirit in Service to the planet or as a personal experience to enhance your intuition in receiving energy and information to enhance your own life.

To schedule a personal consultation to discuss further options regarding a Live or online “Opening the Channel Within Class” or private one-on-one channeling series, please email with the subject of: OPENING TO CHANNEL.