Opportunities Are Everywhere

I just wanted to read from a little book that I found, and it is a wonderful piece of advice. It says, “Believe that opportunity is everywhere and all around you. People will try to tell you that all the great opportunities have been snapped up. In reality, the world changes every second, blowing new opportunities in all directions, including yours.” Ken Acuta said that.

I wanted to talk to you a little bit about opportunities. I know in Adironnda’s language, as you may see in other YouTube videos and other weekly messages, opportunities are a very positive thing that could be interpreted as something not so much fun or that’s a little more negative in its energy. Well, an opportunity is just that.

The word crisis in Chinese (or some Asian language, I’m not sure which, but I think it’s Chinese) means a dangerous opportunity. When you’re in crisis, that’s an opportunity. Something presents itself that’s an opportunity. Also, When somebody calls you and says, “Let’s go out dancing,” “Let’s go to a movie,” or “Want to go to the Level 2 Steakhouse?” Which is the premier steakhouse in Branson, that’s an opportunity.

Have No Doubt

When something happens that’s relatively negative, the fact that I moved way too many boxes out of my son’s house that was mine, and now I get to go through them, that’s an opportunity. Just to let you know that opportunities are everywhere. Some may appear to be a little more of a negative energy like Adironnda has said. Some may appear to be a little more positive energy, but they’re all opportunities.

It doesn’t mean that you have to go into a crisis for a dangerous opportunity. It also doesn’t mean that you have to experience something negatively emotional. Something that is affecting you in a negative way for it to be an opportunity. Even if, at the moment in current reality, it seems a little challenging, that is an opportunity to shift your perspective.

A Part of Growing

To shift the way you see it – is an opportunity for growth, an opportunity to express to someone that you love them. Express gratitude to someone for helping you learn forgiveness. Those are all opportunities. They could be interpreted as a dangerous opportunity, but in my belief, feeling, and energy, an opportunity is just that.

Something wonderful, a gift of the current reality that’s come into your awareness so you can agree, learn and grow from it. In the chat windows below, just put in what you have found. Some of your dangerous or positive opportunities and what you did to learn or overcome them. Okey-dokey, I will see you later. Namaste, you all. Namaste.

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5 thoughts on “Opportunities

  1. Margaret Ferguson says:

    Dear Marilyn, what beautiful timing for me! Through a mess of unforeseen occurrences, I found myself homeless and without resources at an age well into my 70’s. Friendships, helps and resources arrived to not just get me through it all, but to thrive in a totally new environment! New doors opened that also allowed me to find new ways of being of service, and address areas in Social Service agencies that need a strong voice to improve the system. I sit in gratitude for it all knowing my path is Divinely guided.

  2. Helen Fatir says:

    There’s been a few 🙂 usually I have had dreams announcing both challenges and completions – big one was that I would lose everything (and I did) though I would have a blanket which contained all that I needed, and I did. Here I am – no longer who I was – so wonderful opportunities

  3. paola says:

    I just lived my mum pass away.
    And I can’t finish to realyse how profund opportunity to learn about death and Love.
    I am so grateful.
    I am sorry for my English, hope you could understand.

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