Mariana de la Vega

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Códigos de Luz y Sanción / Light Codes and Healing

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Healing,Light Language, Channeled Art

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Mariana de la Vega Pietrini
Channeler, Light Codes Artist and Healer
Mariana is a holistic energy healer, Lightworker, and Channeler of Light Codes (written, drawn and spoken through Light Language and toning). She is also an Artist, Master Melchizedek Code Keeper, and Gridworker. Mariana brings more than 14 years of experience to her fields of practice.

As an artist, she channels and paints powerful Sacred Geometry infused artwork, adorned with written Light Codes, and activated with Andara crystals.

Mariana studied various healing modalities, and developed her own energetic techniques. Her work is guided by Divinity.

In her sessions, Mariana facilitates deep healing at a multidimensional level, where the energy centers are aligned, and the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are harmonized and activated to recover their natural balance. She restores the original Divine blueprint, and supports her healing work with the use of Light Codes, Crystals, Andaras, and Aromatherapy.

Mariana also organizes workshops and events for raising consciousness, and awakening humanity into the New Earth.

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Mexico, Central Time

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7/1/2021 3:31:41