Mary Piaskowski


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Mediumship, Healing, Akashic records

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As a conduit for Divine Wisdom channeled from the Ascended Masters, I offer messages to individuals seeking healing for body, mind, and connection to their soul. I have been a life-long student of spirituality, and have studied with Master Dwahl Kuhl, a Tibetan master, for over 30 years. Guidance has been provided and I have been offered many modalities for assisting others in their healing process. My initial work began with massage school, progressing to healing schools, and a long-distance healing practice. Channeling was a natural addition to the healing work I do. This powerful information provides the opportunity to ask personal questions, access your Akashic records and receive wisdom from your guides or the divine Masters. This information is offered with immense love and gratitude for the opportunity to serve the highest good for all humanity.

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United States, Alaska time

What other certifications do you have?

  • “Hands of Light” healing school
  • school for Enlightenment and Healing
  • Massage school
  • VajraFlame Workshops

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7/1/2021 8:02:54