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PsyLight: The Psychology of the Lightworker

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Akashic Records Readings, Light Language Expression & Interpretation, Soul Lineage, Past Life Readings, Chakra Healing & Alignment, Energetic Activations, Sound Therapy, Angelic Communication, Activation of Psychic Gifts, Personal Energy Field Paintings, Totem Archetypes, Crystal Healing

Channel for The Assembly for Quantum Realization, some of whose members include:
Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Sandalphon, Lemurian Star Mother Eenah Leah Ne, Melchizedek, Mary Magdalene, Sananda (Christ Consciousness), Krishna, Ganesh, Kali-Ma, Mahavatar Babaji, Plato, Bodhisattva Kwan Yin, Tsarmun of Vega, the Angel Bath-Kol, Lao-Tsu, Rebecca of Salem, Joan of Arc and White Cloud.

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After a near death experience in 2019, Olivia Ani awoke to find she had been joined by a second consciousness named Animamea. A member of The Assembly for Quantum Realization, Animamea and other members of The Assembly taught Olivia how to heal the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies simultaneously, a healing modality they named PsyLight: The Psychology of the Lightworker ©. PsyLight teaches you how to create an Internal Environment of Unconditional Love, with Peace and Security in your own Heart and Mind. PsyLight also teaches you how to communicate with your Angels, Guides, Intergalactic Brethren and your Soul. Development of any latent psychic abilities is a natural outcome as one moves through the practice of PsyLight. Now open to channel, Olivia Ani brings through the loving and profound messages of The Assembly for Quantum Realization, and teaches the practice of PsyLight to all who are called.

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USA Central Time

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Graduate of Marilyn Harper’s Channeler’s Academy, Author and Creator of PsyLight: The Psychology of the Lightworker ©

Psylight offers a reorientation of Consciousness that reveals the True Nature of Reality and the relationship between Spirituality and Quantum Mechanics. PsyLight calls energetically to those who sense there is more to our experience here upon Gaia than can be perceived with the physical senses. PsyLight is for all that seek to be a Light in this world, including Starseeds, Lightworkers, Healers, Practitioners, and Awakening Humans. This Transformative Consciousness is imbued with a powerful energetic call to all whose Soul Mission is in alignment with the Truths of these teachings, and all who are ready to begin the Spiritual process of Awakening and Ascension.

From a practical perspective, Psylight also incorporates helpful skills for psychologists, therapists, life coaches, nurses, doctors, teachers and clergy. It will not only add new tools to their healing or instructional modality, it will re-frame their current practice from a perspective that resonates with the Truth that physical and emotional health are indivisible from Spiritual health, and that humans are inherently Spiritual Beings. The teachings of Psylight will strongly resonate with those who have had experiences that are not easily explained by the physical sciences, or are not accepted fully and lovingly by their learned belief system.

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