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SoultTritional LLC

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I specialize in bringing divine energies specific to your need that facilitate healing, activations on a “Soul and cellular level.” As well as guiding you on journeys to explore the deepest reaches of your “YOUniverse to cultivate and activate the treasures of your soul. I also use light coded Angelic Symbols that bring the support of specific ArchAngels or angels for specific needs.

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Samuel T. Hibbert aka Samuel The Angelic Knight is a Spiritual Counselor & a Divine Clear Channeler. His passionately fierce intimate relationship with the Angelic realm, and Master Yeshua are the foundations of his spiritual gift. He completely trusts in The Divine to flow through him to deliver messages filled with wisdom, compassion, & divine truth. Here are excerpts from client testimonies…” Samuel, had the ability to channel my life purpose in one session. He came from a cosmic perspective. Tears poured because I know he tapped into the deepest waters of my soul. ~Colette Paul.” “Each session I have had with Samuel is another experience with varying guides that take you on a journey…Understand that when you choose to have a session with Samuel, The Angelic Knight, your life is about to change, in unexpected and wonderful ways. ~Cheryl V.” His purpose is to be a beacon of love.

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U.S.A Eastern Time

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  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Angelic Healing
  • Auras (Viewing, Identifying and Understanding).
  • Clear Channeler for The Divine

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