Overcome Perfectionism: Simplicity of Perfection

Overcome perfectionism

Do you have a great idea, either personal or business, but you can’t begin because you don’t have all your ducks in a row?

If 95% of anything is right, do you still find yourself focusing on that 5%?

If you’re nodding your head right now, then this week’s spiritual message is for you.

Marilyn talks about how to overcome perfectionism to continuously progress at anything you do.

Get unstuck and accomplish those things that you’ve been wanting to accomplish.

Check out Marilyn’s video below.

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You’re probably thinking, “What in the world is this?

Can they not get a more professional system than recording them in the middle of an airport where all this background noise is going on?”

I did change my microphone, so we’ll see if this is better. But you see, that’s really the key.

Four Tips to Keep in Mind to Overcome Perfectionism

The key is spontaneity:

  1. Whatever presents is perfect.
  2. Whatever presents is about acknowledging that you have the tools to bring it all together.
  3. You have the tools and and it doesn’t have to be perfect.
  4. Just as in this video example: it doesn’t have to have a big set behind you, it doesn’t have to have a big microphone, it doesn’t have to have the perfect lighting and the perfect camera. It’s perfect, just the way it is.

How Perfectionism Can Paralyze You?

There are so many people that are being stopped from their vision, from their dream, because they think that all the ducks have to be in a row, and everything has to be perfect, and they’ve got to have their distribution list, their mailing, and they’ve gotta know what they’re gonna be teaching, and they’ve gotta know what they’re gonna be doing, and they’ve gotta know all — everything. Everything.

And that’s just not true.

Things can be entertaining. Things can be profound. Things can be simple. Things can be igniting a shift of consciousness on this planet without the perceived perfection of your set, and your program.

Relax and follow everything on its path. That’s what I’d like you to do.

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An Extra Step to Progress You Forward

Our Visionaries in Light Convergence is in September of this year. I’m hoping you see this weekly message before that. It is about bringing people’s vision to light.

That’s what excites me, is helping, holding the space, providing a little ignition energy, helping others radiate their perspective and their purpose of what it is that they’re wanting to see in their world.

I do…when I do that for others, I do that for me. I love that part because it’s all in the flow.

So think of what your vision is, think of what you are creating in your space. Whether you’re, you know, taking care of the kids… whether you’re going to a job… no matter what, think of how you can bring your own perfection to that. This may drive you crazy because the color keeps changing back and forth depending on whether I’m close to the screen or not, but it’s all perfect. So we can be blue, or red, or whatever color it is with my hair. That is kind of interesting today! I think I combed it, but I don’t remember.

I love sharing these moments with you. That’s a part of my joy. And feel free to share them with anybody you would like. Have a wonderful, peaceful, bliss-filled day all week.

Namaste y’all,

What perfection do you get stuck upon? Share with us in the comments below.