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You know, I witnessed something this morning at my mother’s church. It’s a traditional church. She has a Sunday school class that has, I don’t know, 5 or 6 people in it that are all over 80, I’m sure. If not over 85. Anyway, the lesson was about Amos.

Now, I’m not big on exactly what was going on except it developed into a conversation of being silent. Moreover, It developed into a conversation of when to speak up and comment on what is happening and when to argue. And when to profoundly proclaim something that is correct.

They got into a political discussion. So here’s these wonderfully Christian older people. I mean, you know, older in relationship to they’re not 150, but they’re middle aged according to my mother. And I noticed that two or three of them were getting into almost a heated discussion about politics right now.

State Your Opinion

The one that was in disagreement stated that, seems like everybody has their own perception as to the way things ought to be. And this person, most of all, I have to admire because she did not get into the heated discussion. She did not get involved in everything that was going on, the drama, the trauma, the disagreement of opinions. Didn’t attempt to convince anyone else. Just stated very calmly in an understanding accepting fashion that everybody has their own opinion, everybody has their own perception.

That doesn’t make one right or the other wrong, and that’s a pretty enlightened way to look at things. Also, when you’re in a discussion and you think that, well, this is the way it ought to be and this is the way your are, stop. Take a deep breath. See what is coming through and understand that everybody has their own idea of the way things ought to be.

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So that’s the task for this week, to attempt to state your opinion, if that’s necessary. Not to be silent necessarily, but to understand that opinions are kinda like noses, everybody’s got one.

Namaste y’all,

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