Personalized Guided Meditation: Ask for Help

Personalized Guided Meditation: The Kind of Help that You Need

Yesterday, I went down to Branson and recorded the Personalized Guided Meditations with my musician, Randy Luna. When I got there, we were both a bit frazzled. We were getting ready for the Convergence as he was taking care of his business and we both got into discussing how this summer, or at least a part of it, has felt completely chaotic.

And yet, as we both breathed and anchored the heart energy within each of us, we started sharing that heart energy also. After we did that, we were able to record three of the most brilliant Personalized Guided Meditations. And wow, was our energy soaring!

I want to tell you this.

I want you to keep in mind that things do get a little chaotic in these times. As you experience this chaos, YOU have to ask yourself: Is this your chaos? Is it really yours or are you reflecting or taking in the chaos from others?

It is not necessary.

Keep your personal energy field centered.

If you want to, surround yourself with a bubble of conscious energy that blocks the excess energy that comes to you externally. Keep that energy from the outside at a distance.

You need to balance the energy. Put on some of our music. Listen well. What we have found is that just by doing them, they balance you.

Any of our Personalized Guided Meditations will bring you back to a place of balance. The Meditations, well, they are a made just for you. We are anchoring the energy of two Reiki Masters when we connect to make the Meditations. We are anchoring the energy of a coherently acknowledged balance. That is what is coming in now.

Breathe in through your Vision. Breathe in through your Third Eye, breathe in through your heart, breathe out through your heart, breathe out through your Third Eye.

Breathe into the present moment.

Breathe into right now and TRUST that your essence is coming into a balance.

You can’t breathe into the past, you can’t breathe into the future.

personalized guided meditation

We will help you in any way we can.

Whether it is with one of our Personalized Guided Meditations, or with one of our music meditations or anyone else’s music or meditation that connects with you. Reach out somewhere for help when you feel that chaotic energy. Know that sometimes you get the opportunity to have some assistance to help you get that balance in these times.

You will be answered. You are never alone.

Give the gift of meditation… created (literally) with YOU in mind!

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What you can get?

  • Amplify Your Intention – Tell us your greatest desire so we can anchor it into a daily meditation for you!
  • Ignite Immediate Change – A powerful activation!
  • Leverage Our Mystical Team – Marilyn Harper and Branson, MO Composer Randy Luna utilize the same powerful process they’ve used in all of Adironnda’s CDs. This is a rare opportunity to personally tap into their combined Spiritual wisdom!

Namastè Y’all!

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