Pick Up an Aspect of Yourself

pick up an aspect of yourself

Pick Up an Aspect of Yourself

Joeaux: It’s Marilyn!

Marilyn: Hello, Joeaux!

Joeaux: Here we are in another hotel room.

Marilyn: We’re always in another hotel room. We’re actually in Buffalo, New York at this moment.

Joeaux: Not far from Niagara Falls.

Marilyn: The power of the falls.

Joeaux: The power of Mother Nature.

Marilyn: Yeah, very nice. So we’ve been talking about, and we’ve had several people ask us, about why we go on spiritual adventures all over the world. And I said, well, we go to pick up aspects of our self that we left. And Joeaux said…

Joeaux: What does that mean? To pick up an aspect of yourself?

Marilyn: On a spiritual adventure you connect with places in ways that you didn’t know were possible. We’ve all lived multiple lifetimes, and we’ve all lived these lifetimes in many, many locations. And what happens is when you go to a location that your soul has actually lived before, it may feel familiar, it may feel connected, or amazingly mystical things happen. And you pick up something that you left there. A talent or a skill or an ability that you left there which is one of the reasons why we go on spiritual adventures all over the world.

Joeaux: So when you feel called, like if a trip comes up (not just our trips, of course we would love to have you come with us), but when something comes up and all of a sudden you just feel this sort of pull or this call towards going to that particular place…

Or even, it could be the opposite. It could be a fear. When we went to Peru, I wanted to go, it was my bucket list thing. I really wanted to go, Marilyn did not want to go at all. I had the same thing in Egypt. I didn’t really want to go to Egypt, she really wanted to go. We both picked up powerful aspects of ourselves during those trips.

When we went to Thailand last year we had the most amazing witnessing of one of our participants. It didn’t happen to us, but we were right there. And I think if it would’ve happened to us, I might’ve been terrified.

Marilyn: Maybe! And our friend who is now known as Ele…her name used to be Barbara, but she has since changed it, we believe. And if I remember correctly, that it was that kind of a situation… even Ele deciding to come on this trip. It was like you heard about it and you came. I’d like to introduce you to Ele, the woman in Germany (formerly known as Barbara).

Joeaux: And we’re gonna let her tell you what happened.

Marilyn: So Ele tell us just a little bit about how you were called to go on the trip to Thailand with us, and then what happened when we were at the elephant park.

Ele: Yes, hello. Both of you, you are my soul sisters now because of this trip. So it was in the beginning of 2017, I met Marilyn and I had afterwards a little journey by myself. And I sat at the beach and I said to myself, I don’t want to travel alone anymore.

And a few months ago after that, I saw the introduction about the Thailand trip. So that was for me a call. I said how wonderful to meet a group of people that just organize like that, and it was so exciting anyway, to go there. It was my first time to go to the East.

And I met these, wonderful people there, this wonderful woman there. We met there and it was like we knew each other, like another family. Right away, and it’s still like this. And now I’m the only one from Germany and everybody else was from the West side. So I was calling for that and the whole trip was very exciting.

Marilyn: So we had an experience at the elephant park with you that we’ve talked about, and Adironnda’s actually talked about several times. If you could just share that experience with us from your perspective, that would be wonderful.

Joeaux: And let me just say, it was so special. We do have a video recording of it, but we can’t, we promised that we would not put it on the internet, so when you see us in person we can show you, but we can’t broadcast it on the internet. Because what happened there at the park, Ele will tell you, the people who run the park, it was such a special experience they don’t want everyone to think that that’s gonna happen to you when you go to the park.

Ele: Yes, right, and my experience was like that. We came there with our group to the elephants and actually I had the sense that the elephants came to me. Like every moment we passed the elephants, they keep trying to touch me with their trunk. And we were at a special spot there, and one of the guides there, they introduced us to the elephants. So a little, smaller elephant, not that small, not a baby elephant, but a small elephant, okay…This elephant just touched me with his trunk on my face and he…he or she, I don’t even know.

That was not important, but it was a very gentle touch from this elephant. Very sweet and soft and he kissed me with his trunk in the middle of my face. On my mouth, on my nose, and then I felt that the elephant was breathing his breath into mine. So I said to myself, it was my thought that I share my breath with him. So I did and we shared our breath, so it was…I cannot express it even more like that. I think that was a love he was trying to share, really.

Then he, I don’t know how that even happened, it was like in a movie or in a dream, he kissed me with his whole mouth. He actually put my face into his mouth. It was very, even at this moment, very soft, very smooth. I just let it happen, I didn’t hate or have a thought on it.

And you keep asking me didn’t you share a moment, it was for me cool, it was fine. It was loving, and I know that was a moment for you to see. A trusting moment, a very trusting moment for all of us. That’s what they wanted to share with me and after this moment at the very end, of course they said it is not usually like that, what happened, never before, ever. So it was very special.

Marilyn: It’s so amazing what we found, Ele, is because when the owner’s husband…

Joeaux: Derrick.

Marilyn: Derrick. When he was singing to call the elephants over, what we saw, and we’ve actually got that in a video where one elephant just came directly to you. Like they recognized you. And then we watched all this happening and we were like, oh! Is this a good thing? You were so calm, it was like you were picking up from this elephant from your time together from another existence. You were picking up that part of yourself that really may have changed things for when you returned back home.

Joeaux: Well and I like what Ele just said about how it was for us too, because we got to witness how relaxed…We were the ones, everybody else in the group was like oh my gosh, should that be happening? And Derrick was so calm that I’m sure Ele thought well this is fine. And it taught us trust in that moment with the elephant.

Ele: Right. I remember Adironnda, you have channeled a message afterwards, right? From Adironnda, and they just came right there with the message. I think we don’t even ask for it. That these elephants, they all came to me to welcome me because they recognize me. There was a message and I said wow.

And then I had a dream the night after this meeting with the elephant. And the message was so clear that I was one of a goddess of elephants and love. And Marilyn had gotten the same message like this, right?

Marilyn: Yeah, yeah exactly! It was so amazing. We had the same message, the same kind of dream.

Ele: The same night yes, that was very special. But I’d like to tell you something that you don’t even know now. Because at the trip I didn’t realize that I had a really bad… I was ill, okay, from a bite of an insect. Very bad, so it came out and was extremely hard for me to even walk. No assistance, my joints, the way to speak was hard and to walk.

So I had to run to a doctor and the woman said you need therapy with oxygen. I started with the oxygen and I walk into the room with the oxygen and I had to put on a mask. It was a half-hour session and at that moment I remember what the elephant was trying to tell me, because he was helping me. I remember then Adironnda said they came to me to help me, because I was helping them.

And at the elephant park I did my healing through the elephants, and that’s why they came also to bring this back to me. And I really stopped this therapy with the oxygen, because I know I don’t need that… because the elephant told me I can do that by myself. Now I practiced this on my own, to have special breathing, into my whole body and that really helped me.

Marilyn: Wow.

Ele: After that, it took a while, but it helped me so much. I think I could’ve died from this disease because it was extremely strong in my body. And before I came to Thailand it happened.

Joeaux: So you actually had that while you were in Thailand?

Ele: Yes.

Marilyn: Wow, we didn’t know that at all!

Joeaux: And so the symptoms got really bad afterwards?

Ele: Yes, right, afterwards.

Joeaux: And then but the breathing with the elephant is what you remembered and that’s what helped you through the disease. Wow.

Ele: Yes, because the oxygen mask was like an elephant trunk. Like this on my mouth. And I was laughing…

Marilyn: Oh, there we go.

Ele: Oh, can you see me?

Joeaux: Yes.

Ele: Yeah that was the moment said, oh, how wonderful that I made this trip. And it’s really happened. I don’t make it up. But you have the pictures, I don’t even have a picture from the elephant with this you know, nobody shared it until now.

Marilyn: Well we’ll have to see if we can…we can’t share the video with everybody, but we certainly share the story.

Ele: Yeah I know, I know. But it helped that you could see, that you had your moments to share with the people. And bring a certain, a special message, the elephants where they actually help us too.

Joeaux: So would you say that picking up the breath was the aspect of what you needed in your life at that time? The elephant was basically giving you that aspect?

Ele: Yeah. Right, because one of our soul sisters, our wonderful sister Brenda had this idea too. She said that’s one of my…I don’t remember exactly, but it comes from the air, my way. I need to go my way by the air, by breathing.

Marilyn: Wow.

Ele: The air is extremely important release certain things. Even in your [inaudible 00:15:57]. Yeah, it releases something.

Joeaux: Wow, maybe that’s why you’re going back to Thailand to help you with your breath.

Marilyn: Maybe. Yeah. Well, thank you so much, Ele. You know you are just light. I wish you could come with us again in Thailand.

Joeaux: Yeah, we enjoyed you so much.

Ele: Me too.

Marilyn: It was just such a powerful…

Ele: …this time then another time, we will see.

Joeaux: Another time!

Marilyn: Absolutely. Absolutely so thank you Ele.

Ele: Thank you, thank you!

Marilyn: Yes, we love you so much.

Ele: I love you! Yes, it was a wonderful time we had, I will never forget that. It turns out very… yeah. More aspects as you always say. The aspects.

Marilyn: Yeah.

Joeaux: Yeah.

Marilyn: That’s wonderful thank you.

Joeaux: Thank you, Ele. Namaste y’all.

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