Precious Moments


Energy and Focus

Hello, I hope you’re having a fabulous day. I wanted to share something with you about the energy and the focus of each day. When I got up this morning, I went into my meditation room to meditate, wake up and have my first cup of coffee. There was a tornado watch, not a tornado warning. It was raining, lightning, and thundering.

I looked outside, and I realized that even at 6:30 in the morning, it was not tornado skies, and we were good. I sat back down to meditate, and I heard this commotion. A man’s voice was talking outside and being very adamant about something. I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Unforeseen Life Experience

I thought, “Is that somebody afraid of the tornado? There’s no tornado, and it’s just raining. What’s going on?” I stepped into my kitchen to look out the window. I did not turn my lights on, and I saw my neighbor two doors down with his mother, who lives next door to me.

He was holding her in the car, and with the door open, her legs were on the ground. Her shoes were around her but not on her feet. He was holding her up in the car, gently and sweetly. Then he was yelling at his wife, “Call 911, call 911.” It’s not funny.

But it’s sort of that dichotomy, and you’re holding someone up in a seat so lovingly and gently as a son holds his mother. Then yelled at someone saying, “Call 911, call 911,” in a bit of a panic. Someone else came out and brought an umbrella for him because it was raining. I just thought that “Bless their hearts.” The ambulance came and took her away.

Precious Infinite Moments

You never know how what, or when anything is going to happen. You absolutely have no idea what could possibly be experienced as you are moving through your world. I thought, “Here’s this family, that they all love each other. They yell at each other, but they all love each other. They’re all connected, and they’re living next door to me.

It’s so beautiful to see them come in with their little grandkids sometimes and their kids. We watch this, and the neighborhood watches where the son and the daughter are getting separated. The grandma was taking care of the grandkids all the time, but then the son and the daughter got back together.”

Treasure Each Moment

And you think, “Holy; life is just unfolding. Every single moment, there is something new, there is a vision of connection. Every single moment, you never know what the next moment may bring. You may collapse in your driveway, sprint out the door, run down the block, and get your exercise in.”

That’s what I would like you to think about this week is, appreciating every single moment. Every moment when you congratulate yourself on maybe getting a job at the Dollar General or somewhere else. Congratulate yourself on getting through your drive home from work without yelling at anyone. Life is so precious and such an opportunity.

I just would like you to look at your life and look at it as moment after moment of delicious preciousness. Okay? Let us know how that goes. You can chat it down there, somewhere on this page, or somewhere in the chat on YouTube, or wherever, but I would love to hear from you.

I love you all. Namaste y’all, Namaste.

12 thoughts on “Precious Moments

  1. Sheila Tillich says:

    Marilyn, thank you for being YOU! Your sharing each week help me keep focus on living from my soul. This neighbor situation you shared is so real of how precious life is from one day to one moment at a time.
    Love you and thank you sister of the soul.
    Sheila B XXOO

  2. Kathy says:

    I love you too. I will always treasure the time we met and talked at a Kryon conference. Even though you were trying to have your breakfast in peace. Hugs.

  3. Zachary says:

    Thank you both for your wonderful messages! I met you at Mt. Shasta in 2019, we each with big blue eyes as you commented Marilyn! My name is Zachary. Thank you Marilyn and Adironnda for I needed the same message not to dye my hair. Took me about 3 years to listen, but my skin was being hurt badly by the dye. Why put toxins in my body? I filter water, use no fluoride, eat organic, so why use toxic hair coloring. I wanted to thank you for that message I finally accepted! Much love to you both! And Mt. Shasta is coming up soon again!

  4. N Men says:

    Went to Bush Gardens this week, with total excitement. After entering park, many shops were closed, restaurants were not fully staffed and food was bad. Maps of park were convoluted and could not understand how to get around the park. Tried to keep my mouth shut and enjoy…very difficult. Many other instances of not so good a time occurred. When going home i was hot and tired and said little about the Gardens. Slept that night dreaming of the good funny things that were experienced at the Gardens. So in a way I was trying to enjoy the moment after the fact… So just wanted to share.

  5. Christine Essex says:

    Thank you dearest Marilyn
    Even though that is how I choose to live, it’s always a wonderful reminder to go even deeper into appreciation and awe in every moment! The thought that just came to me is we can choose the mundane or the magical! Bringing our awareness to each moment calls in the magic. Thank you for the beautiful message. I love you, Christine

  6. Kathleen says:

    This message today really resonated with me because I recently had an awful experience myself!!! It happened just last week! I went to sleep, and when I woke up I couldn’t see clearly!!! I suddenly had “double vision!” I was with a close friend thank God that drove me to the emergency room to have it checked out. I was grateful it wasn’t a stroke or worse. I have been under a lot of stress and sleep deprivation for the last two years, which they think may be the cause. So, yes, you never know what can happen in our journey through this life! Every moment IS PRECIOUS! Thank you for your message.

  7. Angelica Smith says:

    Hello dear Beautiful Marilyn! So good to see you, hear your voice, and understand your words of wisdom! Yes, life unfolds every second! And in each second, we get to choose who we are! Do we we have our crabby pants on and missing out on life’s wonders or are we open to an opportunity to learn and grow? My dear Marilyn, I loved hearing you speak about the multiple generations of family living close by! I love how you see the beauty in their relationships, even when things are not perfect, because things are rarely perfect! But we can still find beauty and love there along with the challenges. I know you meet thousands of people but I remember you and Joeaux, oh so well. You let me buy a selenite sword on lay-away and I use it a lot! My dear husband of so many years is not well, and he was on a transplant list but now his memory is going ( dementia) and they took him off. So even still, I try to meet my challenges with love, patience, and with the knowledge I know not how much longer we have, if and when he will stop knowing me. I am doing everything I can to help him of course, but I also know his journey is his own, and I do not control it! So yes, each moment is precious! And thank you for this great reminder! You and Joeaux are wonderful lights on the planet and I am blessed to know you! And I am saying hello to your wonderful spirit friend Adironnda as I write! Love and Blessings to you!

  8. Tienke Klein says:

    Blessing every moment no matter what is evidence of cosmic humor..turning around every moment back to its origin

  9. Gloriah says:

    How beautiful every moment is! Thank you for reminding us of the extraordinary held within the ordinary

  10. Joan Rakosky says:

    I believe your message, of the preciousness of life, while beneficial to all, is especially timely for me…. It’s length, 5 min, 26 seconds, corresponds to my birthday, 5/26. And earlier this week I lost a close cousin, younger than me, unexpectedly.
    Thank you for sharing your inspirational messages with us all….they are SO very appreciated!

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