Private Channeling Sessions with Adironnda & the Council of Light

Private Channeling Sessions Adironnda

What Are Private Channeling Sessions with Adironnda like?

People often ask US about private channeling sessions with Adironnda? In this week’s message, Marilyn Harper explains that private sessions activate your sparkle. Once you experience it, you know why people choose this one-on-one communication with US.

Take a peek at Marilyn’s short 1.41 minute video and learn the importance of your “spark”.


Marilyn, Adironnda and the Council of Light

Good day Dearest One,

WE’ve had so many people asking, “How do you do a private session? How do you do ‘this or that’?” WE thought WE would come in and tell you directly.

Dearest one, it is WE. WE are Adironnda, and the Council of Light is completely around US. And WE want you to know that WE connect with your energy most every day. WE honor you. WE love you. WE are your greatest cheerleaders. WE love to see the spark of light, the spark of energy go on in your world.

“Having a brighter day is your choice.” ~Adironnda (Tweet it!)

Ignite Your Spark and Everyone Around You Will Follow

You see, when your spark ignites, all the little sparks around you also ignite. And when all the sparks light up at the same time, WE no longer need electricity. It is all in that Divine flow. So WE sort of put on our sunglasses in order to look at you. So keep your spark lit, dearest one. You are that one spark in the universe that WE love.

Now, you know that we connect with you, directly, but there are all these other sparks in the universe. And that is why we are multi-dimensional, to connect with each spark here. Keep your spark ignited. We will sparkle together.

Namaste y’all,

Adironnda (with Marilyn)

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