Due to the increased volume and demands on Marilyn’s schedule, the private sessions calendar is booked through November. Availability will open up after the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Book a Private Phone Session:

Telephone sessions (or Skype for International callers) may be scheduled for anywhere in the world. Marilyn records both sides of the conversation and sends you the recording. Inside the US and Canada, sessions by phone are preferred. For locations outside of the US, Skype or Zoom are preferred.

One Hour Sessions – $222.


Half Hour Sessions – $144.


Email us here with any questions or issues

Note: Live, IN-PERSON Sessions are RARELY offered (only during certain retreats). Phone is the primary option.

Book a LIVE In-Person Session:

In-person private sessions may occasionally be scheduled during specific retreats where Marilyn announces this as an option (like Egypt or Mt. Shasta). Marilyn records both sides of the conversation and sends you the recording afterward.

One Hour Sessions – $300.

Half Hour Sessions – $177.

About Private Sessions

A Private session is your chance to connect with Source, see the energy, and further understand how to be the best you, you can be! All information shared with Marilyn and Adironnda is confidential.

Private sessions are completely confidential, of course. They are all about YOU! You can ask any question you like. Please keep in mind that we do not predict the future. We can go into the energy of the future and see what it holds, but predictions are not possible because each person involved has free will and choice.

Private sessions are perfect for a conscious connection with Source while seeking personal information, direct answers, and virtual energy therapy.

A private session is for those who are looking to deepen their experience after a Group session or Retreat. It allows for more in-depth exploration of personal issues.

Sessions are held via telephone (or Skype for International callers).

What Our Client’s Tell Us

Hi Marilyn! Loving you soooo much!!!!! Thank you. You really have been the greatest influence and loving support for me through this last year. All is possible!!!! Forever in appreciation of you!~ Roxxanne, OR, USA

I have had a few similar encounters (with other channellers, or hypnotic regression sessions) — very many years apart — but I’ve never felt as “CLEARED” when I look deep inside, as I feel now. I know I’ll have to keep working on this issue (maybe!), but I think this session was AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE. Thank you so much!~ AC, NY, USA

What an amazing session! Very sweet and inspiring! Love you and Adironnda so much! Grateful for your time, your gifts and all the wisdom and support! Can’t wait for our next Double Digit! Muah!~ BY, CA, USA

I began having sessions with Marilyn Harper in 2011. I was amazed at her accuracy and how wonderful I felt after each session. I was coming out of an abusive marriage and had just lost my 20 year old son to an overdose when I met Marilyn. I was broken and very closed minded. I was very much a victim. Marilyn, through the years and continued sessions, has brought forth so much light and wisdom to my journey. I’m never disappointed in Marilyn’s messages and light work. I attribute my growth, my new positive self-talk, my intuitive awareness and my desire to move forward in the light, to Marilyn. She doesn’t put a band aide on my wounds. She performs surgical “surgery” and then teaches me to use my own power to heal my broken spirit. Thank you, Marilyn, for assisting me in waking up and staying on higher ground on my path in life. Marilyn has brought forth so much loving light that I have no desire to turn back to my past misery.~ Pam, MO, USA

Was so great to see you last week! You and Adironnda are incredible ( as always)! Thank you for being you and sharing yourself and your gifts. You truly change peoples lives for the better! You are such an inspiration and a blessing to all who come in contact with you! Your work is amazing!! Thank you for following your passion and your path!~ Joell, San Jose, CA, USA

And, everything which Kathleen and I have received has been treasured beyond measure. Just wanted you to know that. Thanks for all your hard work. You, and Adironnda of course, have made a wonderful profound difference.~ David, Reno, NV, USA

Adironnda is not an energy of love and light and goo. For me, Adironnda treats me like a spiritual adult. They don’t play and laugh with me so much as they honor my own deep desire for knowledge and wisdom… and they lead me there whether I like it or not at the time. I feel there is a no nonsense approach with me… they have high expectations of me and they don’t let me get by with rainbows and unicorns… if that makes sense. Sometimes I get frustrated and even angry… but that leads me inside to my own truth… which is exactly where they want me to go. They are insisting that I think more of myself and honor my own inner Wisdom and quit pussy footing around with worrying that my path seems so different from everyone else’s. I was hoping for something else re: Raphael’s response to my question. But as events played out, I learned what He meant…and the Wisdom was much deeper than I had anticipated. That’s what I mean…I think and behave sometimes like a spiritual teenager and they don’t let me get by with it…they bring me the big Wisdom. Thank you so much for making this request of me, for in the answering of the question I have learned and seen what they have had in mind for me all along. It requires me to shed my small thinking and being… I am most grateful to you and to Them.~ Martha, TX, USA