Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Marilyn offers two kinds of Private Sessions: Holographic Healing (as a medical intuitive) and with Adironnda (as a Divine Link). All sessions are recorded and are usually done on the phone or Skype
As a health intuitive, Marilyn has developed “ Holographic Healing”, consisting of several sessions, depending upon the ailment. Each session builds upon the other, and the participant (along with Adironnda & the Council) go inter-dimensionally into the body to balance the dis-eased part.

As the Divine Link, Marilyn can bring Adironnda & the Council of Light, up front and personal. Adironnda is a spokes-being (from the 17th Dimension) who communicates with a team of Archangels, teachers guides and ascended masters from this planet as well as others

Private sessions are 30-minutes, or an hour long. We work in the Akashic Records to see what has been blocking you, building you or imprinting you in one way, shape or another.
We are not really considered psychic, but can get to the energy of the past and the future.


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