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21 Days to Freedom from Addictions and Habits | CD Set


When we think of Freedom from habits, we think of drugs or alcohol, yet the most common addictions are to negativity, dis-functional relationships, food, and more. This 21-Day online Guided meditation program will retrain your brain.


What others have said about the 21 Days to Freedom Program:

I actually cried through the first three days of the program, by day 9, I noticed I subconsciously started to eat differently, by Day 18 I had permanently released 6 pounds.  Thank you. J.L, NH


I have listened to the 21 days to Freedom now 3 times, and I finally let go of a couple of negative friends that I realized I didn’t really enjoy and miraculously other spiritual-minded people have come into my life.  I love it! G.P. WA


I had a bad habit of always talking poorly about myself, my lack of money and my awful job now after the 21 Day program, I am so aware of the things I am saying I have discovered surprising changes.  I am actually starting to like my job and even myself a bit more.  I am still working on my finances but they seem a bit better. Hopeful, D.R. Canada


The 21 Day program includes:

The “21 Days to Freedom from Addiction & Habits”  program of includes 21 Guided Meditations with Marilyn, Adironnda & Company, 21 mini-classes, and nearly a 2 hour video class with Marilyn Harper.


 We all know the normal addictions or habits, people experience. They become addicted orhabitually gravitate towards disease, drama, trauma, crises, negative people, in addition to food, cigarettes, alcohol, you get the idea.  The list goes on and on.

During this 21-Day Program we will:

  • Go into the body with intention, much like we did in the 21 Days to Optimal Health to clear the cellular programing of old habits or patterns.  
  • We will use visualized Holographic Healing to re-write our own brain-mapping and much more.  
  • This powerful program will help shift any old habits or addictions you are ready to be rid of.

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