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Radiant Heart Earrings


Cobalt Blue Bottle Custom Etched with a specific Intention.


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Radiant Heart Earrings in Sterling Silver

Our VIP Dida Merrill worked with our favorite silversmith to create this amazing Radiant Heart Earrings featuring our logo.

“I love my necklace and so does my sister, Geri! Tonight we went to the singing bowl concert (Kathleen and Chuck) and received many compliments even some from people who are not familiar with Adironnda!  Thank you so much for getting this quality product to us so quickly! LOVE IT!!!” – J.M., CA

Here are just a few details about this limited edition wearable art…

  • The heart has no sharp edges on it because much of the memory of the past, regarding love, might have felt sharp and maybe even painful.  Now in the new energy all that pain rounds out in balance and peace smoothing out the sharpness.
  • There are 17 Rays extending out from  the heart, that is for the 17th dimension that Adironnda hails from.  It is also the dimension of Divine Healing of all.
  • In each of the 17 rays is a little groove symbolizing the duality of each of us.  Always growing, always expanding out into our world carrying the love energy out to all we encounter.
  • The front side of the heart is shiny and reflective… a gentle reminder that we are a reflection of all we encounter and they are a reflection of us.
  • We have now found that wearing the necklace actually raises your vibration just a bit. You just might, too!

Each earring measures just a little smaller the size of a U.S. Dime.

Earrings are packaged in a cobalt blue bag.

Shipping for orders beyond the United States will be quoted separately.


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