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Profound Messages

Family Company

Hello. Won’t it be great when we can see each other in person? Maybe I should say, isn’t it going to be great when we all get together to have everyone who receives the weekly messages in the same room? Of course, we would need a really big room, but that would be so much fun.

I had an experience recently that was quite profound for me. It was regarding a round-painted picture. I was at the alterations lady in Springfield, and I’ve been going to her for several years at Martin’s Alterations; she’s a wonderful Russian lady. She was in a tiny storefront in a very old shopping center in Springfield, Missouri. And she had her sewing machine in the background, a small screen in front of it with a little changing room so you could try your things on.

Eventually, she moved into a new bigger space, and she had room for two more Russian women to help with alterations. They worked on bridal gowns, prom dresses, and clothes like mine. She then moved to an even bigger space, and her husband remodeled it, built cabinets and everything. Finally, she was able to hire more of her relatives to join her company.

Proud Papa

The other day, when I was there, I saw these beautifully painted pictures of a person swimming with what I thought was a dolphin, and this caught my eye because we’re going to Bimini. Bimini is where we go swimming with wild dolphins every two years. So I thought the painting was a dolphin, just because I wasn’t paying much attention. The father was the only one at the shop, and he started telling me about the paintings. So I picked it up, and I said, “This is really beautiful.” And as he was telling me more about the paintings, his heart swelled so big, just massively big, talking about his daughter and how proud he was of her paintings.

There were also some beautiful landscapes and seascapes pictures that his 16-year-old daughter painted. He was so proud, and I thought, oh my gosh, to have a father be so proud of his daughter’s artwork that he would display it in their shop. To have people come in like me, that would buy one because they loved this little couple and wanted to support them.

Sharing Space Peaceful

Then, after I was getting ready to pay for it, I realized this was a person swimming with a shark. It was not a dolphin. It was a shark. So the universe was masking the fact that it was a shark. And I thought, well, I don’t know if I want a picture with a shark. Is the shark scooting around there, trying to see if they’re going to eat that person? And then I realized, no, they’re both sharing the same water. They’re both sharing the same space peacefully. The person is not afraid; they’re not splashing around. But they’re obviously up higher in the water than the shark is.

Then I thought of Bimini, where we see little tiny sharks swimming with the dolphins every once in a while, or not swimming with the dolphins, but are getting some food or something off the bottom. And I thought of this co-mingling of species, where you have mammals, the dolphins, fish, the shark, and humans; also a mammal, sharing the same space, sharing the same water. I’m sure there’s something very profound in that. So I’m going to let you pick out the profound message you receive from seeing this picture and the pride of a family when their offspring grow up and explore many aspects of their personality.


I don’t think papa tried to convince his daughter to go into alterations work. I believe they have two or three children. But, still, it was refreshing to have a parent encourage their child to explore aspects of their desire without thinking about whether they can make a living at that? When he was talking about her, his energy did not present the idea that he thought it was silly, or she could never make a living at it. His energy was not anything like that. He was just proud. And I don’t think we ever get over having our parents be proud of us. It’s so refreshing.

swimmer & Shark painting

When you look at this painting above, what is it that you see from this picture that is not fearful, that is not fear-filled? What is your relationship with your parents? And if there’s something that still needs to be healed, let’s heal it. So that’s what I wanted to chat with you about today—Namaste, y’ all.

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