Questioning Love

You know, Adironnda always says, “Be the love that you are.”

What does that mean? Be the love that you are. I think that means that inside at the core, at the beginning, in the beginning there was only love, that we are love, you are love, you’re ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, friend, is also love.

Questioning Love

So how do we love those people that seem to be unlovable?

How do we love those people that seem to always be falling into bad company, bad energy, bad decisions, that’s bad by our perspective?

I think the way that we do that, that love unconditionally, which is basically what we’re talking about is that unconditional love, and just learn to be with it, you know, and learn to have the awareness that when something unlike love comes up, bubbles to the surface, to just think, “‘Hm, that’s interesting, what does that mean? Why do I feel or respond to this person or this situation from some place other than love when I know that there’s only two things: love or fear, And I choose to always respond to any situation from love.

So when that occurs, I’m going to start being sure, I’m going to be sure that I have my bracelet on, and when anything unlike love comes up, I’m gonna change my bracelet, and have the awareness that whatever is in this situation is pushing against my own transparency, and then we’ll see what happens. I’ll let you know next week.

Namaste y’all,


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