Questions for the Universe – Part 1

Questions for the Universe- Part 1

Human Contact

I know you’ve seen all kinds of things that we’ve brought back from Mount Ida, Arkansas. And every once in a while, we come home with a real surprise. And one of the surprises we brought home with us from our live retreat last month in Mount Ida, was the realization that we missed human contact. It was so lovely to be close to people and not have a mask on (which to some they may not approve, yet we had self-quarantined when we got back and nobody’s gotten sick). We just really realized that we missed that energy of being with people… and being free and easy.

Little Jewel

On our trip, we also went crystal digging, in addition to swimming in Lake Ouachita, which is phenomenal water that you swim in, and the lake resides on a crystal bed. We were digging at one of the new mines for the first time. I wasn’t digging a lot. I watched and helped people, making sure everybody had water and taking care of things like that, and sitting in the shade. And I just got the message to start pulling out some dirt with a tool and moving the ground around. I found a little jewel of a crystal, a wonderful tiny baby. I then found another crystal with a golden color; it is so perfect with small tiny crystals growing out of its side in multiple spots. They say that that’s a healing crystal because it has been able to produce new crystals after being chipped.

Pleasant Surprise

Continuing to explore, I turned over something that was looking like yard rock. Yard rock is white quartz that is thick and solid; it looked like a solid rock. I kept moving the dirt around, playing more than digging, and turned it over; this yard rock had a wonderful crystal family attached. It is the largest crystal that I have found on my own that was not already cleaned and beautified in a store. This crystal is interesting; they call it a twin flame crystal because it has two crystals growing side by side into each other. It also could be a healing crystal. Different crystals have started growing where it has been chipped by Mother Nature somewhere along the line.

Your Uniqueness

Some would look at my crystal and say, “Oh, well, that’s nice, but it’s not clear.” I did find a clear crystal, and some say that it is more valuable to have clear crystals. It may be a bit rarer to have a clear crystal, but does that make it any more significant if it is rarer or bigger or smaller? You know, it’s that energy and that information that we couple people with. People are every bit as individual and unique as a crystal. And in that energy, we look at our uniqueness, and we see that some of us are more opaque than others. Some of us look like plain yard rock, which, according to some, doesn’t make it wonderful or special. But according to others, it does. You can line your whole house with yard rock, and it still carries that frequency of magnifying the energy of anything that it touches because it’s still quartz crystal, even though it’s white and milky.


So no matter your status, area, or place in humanity, you were created as unique as a crystal. You were created a one of a kind, never to be repeated. Never to be connected to old programs again, possibly. I mean, when you stop and think that you chose this time and place to come into this world with your uniqueness, what does that mean? Just like my crystal chose the time and space to be unearthed and touched by my hands, maybe the first time in 65 million years. What does that mean? What can be presented as unique and special that shows up at the perfect time to be unearthed by you? Those questions that make you go hmm. I don’t know that I have the answers, but I do have a lot of questions.

Pondering Questions

What are your questions? What are your questions about your own life that you want to have answered? We can ask them all together. So this is a pondering. My friend Randy has the ponder wall, and he’s got a sign that he takes pictures of. I ponder why my clear crystal is considered a laser crystal, and my golden colored crystal is viewed as a city, as is my large yard rock family crystal. What’s the difference? And why do we as light-plurkers love to have them around so much? Is it because they reflect our uniqueness and help us remember that we are unique? I don’t know—questions for the Universe. We’ll see what answers we get. Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

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