Questions for the Universe – Part 2

Questions to the Universe - Part 2

More About Uniqueness

For Part 2 of Question for the Universe, I want to talk a little more about the uniqueness we are, that unique energy that flows through us. Let’s talk about a few crystals I have. One is a labradorite globe, and one is an amethyst globe. They both have wonderous stuff inside. Spheres are my favorite; I’m not sure why; maybe it reminds me of my home planet. I also have a Kyanite with quartz on it.

Your Stone

So looking at these crystals and looking at these globes, I thought if I were a crystal or stone, what kind of stone would I be? And my immediate answer is a lapis lazuli because I am very attached to cobalt blue. It seems like I have more amethyst and labradorite around my house than anything. I do have an ametrine, and it’s got a little citrine vein running through it.

Amethyst & Labradorite

Certainly, amethyst is a beautiful stone that is all-purpose made out of quartz, so it magnifies the energy of anything it touches. The purple hints help to connect with the third eye. Some say that amethyst is perfect for attracting the love of your life. Labradorite, of course, for some reason to me, brings in that galactic nature and holds in that energy. Also, it just looks like there are little galaxies in the star constellations coming in that are reflected in the stones.

Lapis Lazuli

And a lapis lazuli is quite dense with little gold flecks in it. In the nineties, when I was trying to magnify my intuition and become all that I am. In a scarf, I would tie a piece of lapis because lapis connects with the third eye. It is deep indigo blue and communication blue. And I would tie it to my forehead on a headband and sleep that way. I would connect them to the chakras in my hands and sleep that way, too, and see how that affected things. Not sure if it did, but I certainly looked odd when I went to bed. I have a lapis globe, and it looks like the world as you’ve seen from space, the big blue marble.

Chakra-Balancing Crystals

So I think my question is, if you were a stone with all the stone’s qualities, what stone or crystal would you be? In the handles of Selenite Swords of Light, there are over 400 chakra-balancing crystals. Now, what causes a crystal to be a chakra-balancing crystal? The intention, and color, because the color of the stone matches the color of the chakra, an example, green is for the Heart Chakra, and blue is the Throat Chakra, which is communication. So, where is it that you get the opportunity to work? What causes a chakra-balancing crystal to change the frequency of something that it touches?

Divine Creation

I mean, it was divinely created as you are. In that divine creation, the stone was created with an intent that someone, somewhere along the line, would pick up the rock and say, “Wow, this is beautiful. When I hold this stone, I feel like this means a greater connection with my guidance system.” And they wrote a book about it. So what is it about you that would connect you to a particular stone, and why? It helps you to think about what those possibilities are.

The Connection

Our thought this week is, why are we connected to current stones and crystals? And why do light-plurkers seem to have crystals all over their house? A previous hairdresser of mine was an Assemblies of God’s Missionary, and in her waiting room, there was an article in a magazine that read, “Signs that someone is the New Age.” Which was coupled with the antichrist at the time, was that “They have stones, crystals, suns, and moons around for decoration.”

Honoring Mother Earth

I do. Why do light-plurkers seem to have stones and crystals and those honoring Mother Earth around their decor? Hmm. Another question of the Universe, things that make you go, hmm. Why do you have them? Write the answer down below in the comments. I would certainly be interested in finding out. Namaste, you all, namaste.


We love hearing your feedback and reading your comments! What connects you to certain stones and crystals? Be sure to leave us your answer and thoughts below.


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