Raise Your Vibration with Laughter

Raise Your Vibration

It’s Contagious! And… by Laughing You Also Shift the Vibration of the Planet.

See for yourself. Watch Marilyn in this video.

A few weeks ago, I asked Marilyn to make me a video of her laughing. I had another purpose in mind but her video made me laugh so hard it got me thinking.

Why does laughter raise our vibration?

Have you ever noticed that when someone is laughing, you don’t even need to know why and it instantly makes you feel happier? Of course you have. Who hasn’t?

But… have you ever considered just laughing to get yourself out of a funk?

Marilyn and I do this all the time. If we are feeling overwhelmed, or down in the dumps, for any reason, we will often just start laughing because it instantly makes us feel better.

Science actually has proven that laughter creates a positive social bond. That positive feeling raises our vibration.

Laughing is contagious.

Once one of us starts laughing, the other will join in, and then eventually say “what is it we are laughing about?”

Which makes it even funnier.

I watched this TED Talk, “Why is Laughter Contagious” with neuro-scientist, Sophie Scott, who explained why laughter is contagious. She also shared something Adironnda always tells us to do: BREATHE.

Breathing is something we do naturally except when we are in fear. Then we tend to hold our breath. When we breathe we use our ribcage in a specific way.

If we begin to talk, we use our ribcage differently.

When we laugh our talking muscles begin to contract even more, actually creating a spasm. It’s that spasm that is contagious.

Next comes our facial muscles. “The brain responds to the sound of laughter and preps the muscles in the face to join in the mirth.” So now, not only are we responding to what we hear, but we will mirror the look on someone’s face, the smile.

It’s true, laugh and the world laughs with you.

When we laugh together, with others, we laugh as an emotion showing people we love them. It’s reflective and contagious, and even more so if you KNOW the person.

Of course, we all know Marilyn. That’s why the video of Marilyn laughing is so funny.

And, I’d be willing to bet, “contagious.” Be sure to share the video if it makes you laugh.

Real laughter vs. posed laughter.

Can you tell if Marilyn’s laughter is “real” or posed”? (You’ll only know if you watch the video.) Leave us a comment below. It’ll be interesting to see your responses.

Laughter is always meaningful which is why we laugh even if we don’t know what it is about. It’s that social bond, like a smile, or a hug, or even a kiss. We simply reflect it back to the person. But, we can tell the difference between fake vs. real laughter and we respond accordingly. It’s one of those non verbal reactions.

Did you know that you are not fully laughter mature until you are in your 30’s? It’s more difficult to tell the difference between real laughter vs. posed laughter when you are younger. We learn the difference.

Laugh. A. Lot.

And, the older you get, the less contagious laughter becomes. We probably need more of it as we age because over time we are imprinted with so much more negativity. Which is why it is important to hang around people who make you laugh.

One of the things that I love so much about working with Marilyn is that we laugh a lot. When we are traveling, we wake up laughing in the morning… so much so that when we are not traveling we miss the laughter. So, we tend to text each other every morning while a part to keep that raised vibration going.

It’s addictive in a really good way.

It’s a special social bond that we can all create because the truth is the more we laugh, the more we can tackle.

Now, we know… according to Adironnda… that you can’t actually make anyone do anything. And, according to science, laughter is actually an “ancient evolutionary system to maintain social bonds and it truly does make us feel better”.

I’d like to test this with Adironnda.

I wonder if they are ticklish?

Or, if they’ve ever heard the one about… “so a duck walks into a bar…”

Oh yeah.

I can hear them laughing right now, rocking back and forth in their chair.

And saying… “Whohaw”. Snort.


Stop. Please stop. Or. I’ll pee my pants,










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One thought on “Raise Your Vibration with Laughter

  1. Angela says:

    Yes, I do laugh often even when Marilyn is doing the double digit call. She has this ability to laugh at life and its experiences with no self consciousness. She is just so cute that way and I chuckle frequently, listening to her. This video is the perfect example of laughing as a therapeutic experience. I have a cousin I do that with…we have so many good belly laughs together and I always comment afterwards about how good it felt doing that. Thank you!

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