Raising the Planets Frequency[145]

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This week’s featured Q&A comes from a Double Digits member…

Q: I’ve noticed a coincidence between the dates of major Christian religious observances and significant world events. Do you think there’s any significance in those parallels?

Channeled from Adironnda through Marilyn Harper:

A: That is a fascinating question as well. With that frequency, even the pagan holidays, ancient holidays, ancient energy, Christianity, and other religions, the Planet’s energy gets greater. The energy or the frequency that asks never to have anything that’s not in integrity, then things that are not in integrity seem to rise to the surface.

Understand that good orderly direction or divine intervention is always a part of the energy when the energy gets higher, whether it is a coincidence, which we know that there’s no such thing, or if it is a part of that plan. What might be interpreted as a disaster on the one hand and then the possibility of bringing people to something bigger than themselves and within themselves. That is still a part of that divine frequency.

You see, a trauma, a drama, a disaster raises the frequency of the Planet. A religious holiday, no matter what your religion is, also raises the frequency of the Planet. The frequency of this Planet is raising to a higher level than it has ever been before because it is shifting that dimensional frequency. It is acclimating the people for that frequency—Adironnda & The Council of Light.


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