Reframing Addiction

Addiction. I was watching a television show last night. “This is Us,” great show, by the way. Really, well-written, and well done, and I noticed that the people there are absorbed with addiction. They don’t believe that they…some of them are addicted, or with the obvious drugs, or alcohol, or something like that.

But they have these addictions that are to negative experiences. Or addictions to drama, or addictions to food, which is another obvious one, addiction to being in unhealthy environments. You know, addiction, can have a wide reaching method.

Reframing Addiction

We did a two-set, 21 day freedom from addiction and habits because we discovered after the first 21 days everybody really wants more and it takes more than 21 days to replace a habit or an addiction. And so, we did a second 21 days. And I’m going to check and see if I can make that…we have a discount and I will give you a discount if you’re interested in those.

But what we found was that you never really stop an addiction. The addiction is always there, that feeling is always there, that desire is always there. You just replace it with something that is more positive that you want to expand in your life. Oh, that’s my alarm for a Course in Miracles. I am determined to see things differently, that’s today’s lesson.

See things differently

So, with that I am determined to see things differently. I’m determined to see the addictive nature in my own personality differently. And see what I can do to shift that. You know, they say that if you…in studying addiction which I did when I did the 21-day program.

In studying that, that once you find that trigger point, once you find that tipping point, or that starting point, that starts that addictive behavior you can then retrain your mind, your body, yourselves to have a new habit replace the old addictive one. I know that is true…why do I know it’s true? A lot of people that quit smoking still have that habit of going to and from their mouth, and so, therefore, they gain weight because they’ve got that habit in there.

So, you know, if you are plagued with addiction to anything including people, situations, clothes, shopping, creating new programs. When you catch yourself going into that addictive behavior, stop and see if you can analyze what just happened. And in this scenario for what just happened is the trigger point that set up that addiction. And then, when you catch it, awareness, like we talked last week. When you catch it, then you can transform that addictive behavior into something else.

And then, as the Course of Miracles says, “I am determined to see things differently.” And that’s what I’m determined to do in any addiction or a habit that I’m choosing to replace. And I hope you are too. Have a good day.

Namaste y’all,


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