Yeshua Calls for Remembering Your Inner Child

At the Double Digit Group Channeling Session on July 7, 2014, we considered the playful energy of 3:

7 + 7 + 2+ 0 + 1 + 4 = 21
and 2 + 1 = 3

So it was that, when Master Yeshua came through, he brought a message that centered on children. In this excerpt, “Remembering Your Inner Child,” Yeshua said:

The innocence of a child is what we want you to think of in the next 30 days. Think what it was like the first time you played in the rain. Do you remember? Think of what it was like the first time you went to a park and went down a slide. First you were a bit frightened, do you remember being frightened? And then, you stepped through your fear as you watched others. We are asking you to step through your fear and remind yourself about who you are and give yourself permission to play.

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And just what is a Double Digit Session, you ask? Excellent question!

Numerology holds that a number’s energetic significance is multiplied whenever that number appears more than once in a row. So Marilyn and Joeaux, backed up by Team Adironnda, conduct group channeling sessions each month on the date when the digit doubles (1/1, 2/2, 3/3, etc.) — even, occasionally, when it triples (1/11 and 2/22) — to explore what the numerological energy of that date means for the Planet, as well as for you personally.

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