Below is a list of recommended reading on various topics throughout our site.

We realize that it is not always easy to find information on some of the topics we discuss. If you have a book or publication that you would like us to review for listing here, please email Thank you!


  • 3rd Alternative by Margaret Caskey
  • Welcome to Planet Earth by Hannah Beaconsfield
  • The Walk-in by Juelle
  • Messengers of Hope: The Walk-in Phenomenon by Carole Parrish-Harra
  • Walk-in Soul Exchange by Karen Mitchell
  • Instruction Manual for Walk-ins by Rev. Kari Chapman


3 thoughts on “Reading / Books

  1. Karen Buchanan says:

    Hi Marilyn,

    Adironnda suggested I read Michael Brown’s 2010 book: The Present Process: Becoming Present with Self and that it was available on your web site. I don’t see it listed. Do you still have it available? If so, I would like to order a copy.

    Please know that the session with Adironnda continues to be of great value.

    Thank you!!!

    Karen Buchanan

  2. Marilyn Harper says:

    Hi Sara – all good questions. These are the types of things you would be able to ask the walk-ins that you could meet at the conference. Are you attending?

  3. sara says:

    Thank you for making this info available
    to us. I have read some of Montgomery
    books, but have never resonated with the
    info. Your series has my full attention
    and I can think of nothing else.

    Question: Is there any biblical references
    to “walk-ins” ? Have any walk-ins ever
    committed crimes ? Or the original soul
    ever committed any crimes before the walk in?
    Who actually owns the body? Some people
    get more than one walk-in, sounds almost
    like they can’t own their own stuff and
    want to change souls like changing coats?

    Sara Witt

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