How to draw a Labyrinth?

This one is really good!

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  1. Marilyn Harper says:

    Hi Heinz – – – you are very astute and you are correct. We have mistakenly used a Maze instead of a Labyrinth. The image really should be a labyrinth… one way in and one way out – through the heart. So – now we get to redo the drawing… it is all in Divine Order, isn’t it. Thank you for your comment!

  2. Heinz Stitzinger says:

    I’m confused!
    In my book a labyrith has 1 entrance and 1 exit. But this one has a dead-end.
    Sure it was meant to hold the Minotaurus, yet if this is all there was on ‘structures’ that Minotaurus would easily get out. So are we to conclude: that it is just as easy to go into your fear as it is to let the fear out?

    Or is it that the first labyrinth resembles the build up of a skull with it’s layers and having the Amichtala (primal brain/flee+fight mechanism) in the center (where the Minotaurus was waiting)?
    sorry for my english when incorrect, I’m dutch ;-))

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