The Eightfold Path of Buddhism: Right Action

Right Action

Well here we are still exploring the Eightfold Path according to the Buddhist tradition. If you are just joining us this week, then I am not a Buddhist, although I do practice some of the Buddhist practices. Adironnda & Company is not Buddhist…not Buddhists, that is a plural. But the Buddha is on our council, and I was guided to explore a little bit further on the Eightfold Path.

Meaning of The Eightfold Path’s Right Action

The fourth path is Right Action. Now that could mean lots of things, but in my interpretation, it means truly an ethical approach to anything that you are intending to take action upon. In other words, if you continue to talk about, with your right speech, an intent to take, have a business, have an energy, have to clean up the house, declutter, clean the garage, plant your plants, do whatever, but you just talk about it and plan it or whatever, but you never take action, that is an unethical approach.

Going back to how you do anything is how you do everything. You see, talk is great. Ideas are great. But action moves energy.

An ethical action that is full of integrity is about approaching any task, anything that is laid before you, with an honoring of connection, an honoring of integrity. That is right action, is how you view what it is that you are choosing and then how you are choosing to move forward with that. Are you doing your task in a complaint like way? That is not going to do you any good. Are you doing your task in a loving way? That would be right action.

Are you talking about your task and not doing anything? That is not in integrity. So it is about bringing that honesty and integrity to yourself with every single action.

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I look at this video and my hair is like luminescent. I closed the blinds, but it is still coming in, so it must be me. I may be taking right action to move forward because I guarantee you that I am an action taker. I work with divine action, Joeaux, my business partner. So in that capacity, how are you taking action with integrity in your life this week? And what does that mean to you? To be able to step into the action that you intend to be right with.

How are you communicating that action? How is your vision and understanding of that action? How do you feel about that action? You know, I have used the example of cleaning the toilet a lot, and in the Buddhist tradition, you would clean that toilet with an honoring of the system of release that it provides. An honoring of making it healthy for others to use. Right action, an interesting view of looking at the world.

Have a pensive week and see how your actions are right action.

Namaste y’all,

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