Eightfold Path of Buddhism: Right Intent

right intent

The second section of the Eightfold Path according to the Buddhist tradition, is right intent.


Now, I know we live with intention, and I believe that is what the Buddha was expressing. Once again, if you are just joining us for the first time, I am not an expert on Buddhism, this is my interpretation of what it might mean to live with right intent. Last week was right view or right understanding, and how we see the world in that place of peace.

Meaning of The Eightfold Path’s Right Intent

Right intent is the second of the Eightfold Path, and that is about viewing the world with the intention of compassion. I believe that everything we do, we do with intention. Someone told me once years ago, how you do anything is how you do everything. So if your intent is to do everything with the compassion, peace, love, understanding connection, and you hold that energy, that is an intention. And to live your life viewing the world in compassion is one of the components of 2017. So that is right intent.

How would your life be different if you lived it with the intent to always do, always express yourself in a compassionate, loving way? What would be different? What right intent would you choose to put forth, and how would things be different if you lived with the intent of how you do anything is how you do everything?

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You know, that may come down to something as simple as when somebody gives you change back, you look at the change and you see they have miscounted the change and you return the few pennies. The right intent there, of course, is pure honesty, integrity. Or is the right intent to take those few pennies and always leave them for some person that doesn’t have any? Also, right intent. It is about living as compassionately, as possible, in things that you may not understand. But to hold the intent that everyone you encounter may be shifted just a little bit for the positive by your encounter. That is a right intent, to see how others can entrain to you, to raise their vibration to match your vibration. That would be another right intent. That is the understanding of the Eightfold Path according to Marilyn Harper. So check out this week with living your life with right intent, or intention. Have a great week.

Namaste y’all,

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