The Eightfold Path of Buddhism: Right Livelihood

Right Livelihood

Continuing with our discovery and understanding of the Eightfold Path according to the Buddhist tradition.

The fifth of that path is Right Livelihood. Now to me, that, again, is really obvious, right livelihood. If you are not in the right livelihood, if you are not in your work or your service that you provide to the world that resonates with your soul, then that is going against the integrity of your soul.

So how can you shift that? It doesn’t mean that you just go in and quit your job every moment. That means that you find the livelihood that caused you to go there in the first place. Find the reason, and remember what that action is, what is that service that you are providing?

Now, that is if you are working, or plurking. Play plus work, equals plurk, you know? To be able to take your right livelihood, and think of it as plurk, play. To be able to take your right livelihood and think of it as service. Providing a service. You know, you may be an activator, that you activate everyone that you encounter.

Well, you are an activator. Everyone that you encounter has a response to you. And if your job or your work, is that of being a service, is that of doing something, experiencing something that resonates totally with your soul, that resonates totally with your soul’s intent, or provides you an avenue to get to another place that does resonate more frequently with your soul, more vibrationally matched with your soul, then that can be right livelihood as well, you know?

Before I quit my day job, I sold advertising for a country western radio station, and I sold hotel rooms down in Branson. That incorporated a lot of who I am. It helped me speak to people. It helped me talk to people. It helped me, you know, do things with people, and I love people. I love seeing those light bulbs go off in their head. So that was right livelihood, and it got me to the point of where I am now.

Where my right livelihood is totally of service to humanity, to awaken as many people as possible, and help them live their most, best, most wonderful, joyous life, and what that means to them.

So, what is your right livelihood? I hear people saying, “I don’t know.” Well, if you keep saying that, that is what you are saying with the right intent. So instead, be okay with not knowing, but continue to ask the question.

Namaste y’all,

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