Eightfold Path of Buddhism: Right View or Right Understanding

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I have just been thinking about our Visionaries in Light Convergence and the theme of the infinite possibilities of peace, and our trip to Thailand for Awakening the Buddha Within.

I have really been looking into the four noble truths, and the Eightfold Path, and what exactly peace means. I am going to attempt to do a series of messages on, at this point, the Eightfold Path of Buddhism, which is not a religion, but a practice.

I have taught classes on the Eightfold Path, but I don’t consider myself an expert in Buddhism at all. I think you could study for a whole life and not be an expert on Buddhism.

I want to explore some of the ideas behind the Buddhist practices. I have written those down, Googled them, worked from a book, “Awakening the Buddha Within“, and that is a book, and it is the title of our retreat in November, but this is the Eightfold Path.

I am going to read off all eight paths to you and then I will go back and explore each one a little further. Right understanding, or right view. Right intent. I did write these down so I would make sure I wouldn’t forget them and get them in the wrong order. Right intent. Right speech, or communication. Right action. Right livelihood. Right effort. Right mindfulness. And right concentration, or focus.

Meaning of The Eightfold Path’s Right View

Let’s go back to the first one, we will just touch on that just a little bit. Right view, or right understanding. What that means to me is to achieve peace in one’s life, one gets the opportunity to view all things as a way of compassion or love. But right understanding is to understand all aspects, or as many as you can, of what it is that you are viewing.

Right vision, to see things in a different light, to see things in the way of seeing their differences and seeing their similarities. So this week, I would like you to kind-of think about how you can see things in your life with the right view, or the right vision, how you can see things in your life differently.

Whether you are in the park and appreciating nature, whether you are in your house, cleaning your house. If you do all things and view them in a standpoint of peace, or as the Buddhist might, see how that changes your view of things for right view according to the Buddha.

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Have a great day and have a great week. Keep me posted. Email me on how this week is going for you with your intention on right view, or right vision, or right understanding, which to me are all three different words, but in understanding the tradition of the Buddha. They have all been used interchangeably and how are they interchangeable in your world.

Now, that being said, I am not an expert on the Eightfold Path. I am not an expert on Buddhism. I am only giving you my opinion and my personal interpretation. So, I don’t want to hear complaints from all the Buddhists out there in our audience saying, “That is not what that means”. I am giving you my interpretation, this is how I view right understanding. See you next week.

Namaste y’all,

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