Sacred Ceremony

Sacred Ceremony

Create Rituals

Hello, I hope you’re having a wonderful week. I was sitting down to think about weekly messages, and this book kind of jumped off my shelf. It’s one of the first books that I bought before I had the inability to read. As I had the inability to read, I can see where I placed my mark on page 19, and that was the last of it. Then I slept with it after that.

It’s called Chanting, and it’s about ritual. This part that I just opened up was a ritual and an assignment. I thought, what rituals do we have? I mean, we have the full moon ritual, the new moon ritual, and people have a clearing ritual. When I do a private session, I know I have a little ritual that Adironnda says I don’t need to do any longer, but it kind of sets my intention.

I have a ritual then of setting that frequency, setting that intention. I just was looking in this book, and it says what do you do? What rituals do you have on a daily basis? Or what rituals do you have on a weekly basis? Do you have a ritual for brushing your teeth?

Do you have a ritual when you get up in the morning? Actually, yes, I’m sure you do. Each time you get up in the morning, you do the same thing over and over each day. What could happen if you shifted some of the feelings around your rituals and looked at them and see, or feel what you’re actually doing?

Honor Yourself

The ritual of cleansing your teeth. Try cleansing your teeth with your left hand and see if you can create a new ritual. Try cleansing your body in a new ritualistic way to honor and be grateful for your body. No matter what it looks like or feels like, to express gratitude.

I know Adironnda told someone years ago to use a salt scrub and cleanse off the old or scrub off the old energy a few times a week. Then use an oil or a lotion, something that you really love, and massage that into your body to give thanks to your body. Create that kind of ritual. So, in this, I mean, this is just something that came through.

“Mother Moon shined down on me. I am you, and you are me. We are part of everything. We are part of everything.” To think of being part of everything in a ritualistic way is just a little interesting to think about, isn’t it?

It’s just kind of one of those things that a ritual is something that you repeatedly do in a ceremonial way. What happens when you make a ceremony of cleansing your body? When do you make a ceremony of eating your breakfast? When you make a ceremony of stepping outside, going to the postbox?

Think of life as a series of sacred ceremonies and how you honor yourself with those ceremonies—just a thought. Have a fabulous day and have a more fabulous week. I love you. Namaste you all, Namaste.