Sacred Secrets

Sacred Secrets

Finding Your Way

Hello. I hope you’re having a fabulous month. It is your choice as to whether you do or not. I was just sitting here thinking about what might be something good to have as a weekly message and what do I want to say to you? I was staring up at my bookcase, which is probably six or seven feet tall. I can barely reach the top shelf, and this book jumped out at me, not literally.

It didn’t literally fall on the floor, but it did jump out at me, and I picked it up, and I thought, “Well, somebody gave me this book along the way.” It’s Sacred Secrets: Finding Your Way To Joy, Peace and Prosperity by Paula Godwin Coppel. It’s featuring Michael Bernard Beckwith. I know him. “Well, now how cool is that?” So that’s what this is: it is not a secret to finding your way to joy, peace, and prosperity.

Then I looked at the chapter titles and started looking at the chapters that resonated with me. I’m not a reader. I sleep with books, and this one is so nice and neat and clean, I’ve not even slept with it yet. The chapter titles Unity With God, that’s number one. Unity With God, that’s your self source. That’s your source of all that is.

Life Lessons

The first one is about the source and co-creators with God. As I looked at the different chapters, the next one is Exploring the Law of Attraction. It’s not necessarily about the law of attraction any longer. It’s about being that attraction, not thinking that you’re attracting something to you. It’s about being what you wish to attract. So this book may be out of date.

Then I look further, and it says Life Lessons. That’s another section. I realized I know some of these authors in this book, and I realized Unity probably put it out. Life Lessons is about learning the issues, what triggers you, and asking yourself why it still triggers you? And when was the first time it triggered you? In those energies, in that frequency, you evolve by learning those lessons, shifting consciousness, shifting your awareness into something that is the knowledge within you.

Law of Wholeness

Then there are other sacred secrets, Powerful Beyond Measure, the Law of Wholeness, which is true. It’s not the Law of Attraction. It’s the Law of Wholeness. It’s the law of being whole onto yourself and knowing that you will naturally magnetically attract others that are whole onto themselves as you are whole onto yourself.

I was looking in my bookcase, and there were many books about Witchcraft, about Fearless Living, Finding Yourself, Finding Who You Are, Discovering Your True Nature, You Can Have It All. I realized that the problem is we’re looking for this book to bring us joy, peace, and prosperity, and the only person or the only energy that can bring you joy, peace, or prosperity is you.

Simple Answers Within

We have spent much of our lives looking outside of ourselves. Looking beyond where we are, or where we think we are in our search for self, we’ve missed the point by focusing outside of ourselves. We should focus inside of ourselves. We should look within ourselves because that’s really where the answers are. I think that’s why people, a few, have argued with Adironnda because their message is very simple.

It is truly about finding the soul, the center, the core of love within yourself and allowing that love center, core to radiate out beyond your physical being so it then can indeed touch others. Now that’s the message. That’s the simplicity of it, and you may get nuggets of information.

Discovering Self

I bought a book about what clutter is trying to tell you because I tend to collect clutter. I got nuggets of information about that, and I thought, “Oh.” So they resonated with me. Something within a book may resonate within you, and you say, “Oh.” You hear something or read something in a way that speaks to your heart more so than it has in the past. Surprisingly enough, there’s not much new in the universe.

A lot of the teachers are saying the same thing. The way Adironnda says it is much simpler than many, and they tend to zing right into the center, the heart of where the crux of the issue may lie, and peel back the banana to get to the meat of the issue. As you’re going through this next month of independence, of creating and discovering self, once again, because we have discovered ourselves many times, see what’s still there that pushes your buttons.

See how many times you get the opportunity to change your bracelet. See if you’re still passing judgment on yourself, or are you finding the secret that is within yourself and cover it so it can radiate beyond so others can experience it as well. That’s my message for today. I love you all. Namaste y’all, namaste.

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