Scary Traffic in Cairo

scary traffic in Cairo

Scary Traffic in Cairo

We are sitting here in Egypt and I gotta tell you, Egypt has the most horrifying, frightening, scary, chaotic traffic I’ve ever experienced in my life. It’s so funny because you get into the car, these little tiny taxi cabs, and all of them have scrapes all up and down the sides of the car. All the mirrors are slightly damaged, and they call them ‘love bumps.’ Somebody told me today they call those, the drivers themselves call them love bumps.

It’s Just Cairo

Even though all of the taxi drivers don’t actually speak English, or they speak just enough for you to get in the cab and pay them for the ride, they do know a few little things. The thing, I noticed, is that you get in the cab and there are five lanes of traffic that suddenly turns into nine lanes of traffic. It’s not going really fast, but it’s always moving. And right in the middle of it someone will turn around like in a motorcycle and do a u-turn right back at you.

I found myself in the car going ahhh…ooooh…eeek because it was happening so fast that it was scaring me, scaring Marilyn, scaring everybody in the car. I’ve ridden in a few cabs now and every single taxi driver says the same thing, they say, “Don’t worry it’s Egypt. It’s Cairo, just Cairo, just Cairo.”

So Uncomfortable

The thing that is so amazing to me is that they drive like this all the time and they’re very comfortable with it. It’s like we’re uncomfortable with it because it’s not our norm and they think it’s actually really funny that we’re so uncomfortable with it…and they’re very comfortable with it.

Life Lesson

So I just went out in a cab with someone who had just arrived in Cairo, and it was their first time in the cab. We were only in like a couple lanes of traffic…it wasn’t anywhere nearly as scary as going downtown. And she was having the whole ahhhh, ooooh, eeeek, kind of thing going on that we were experiencing. And he said the same thing, “It’s Cairo, it’s Cairo.”

I thought that’s like a really good life lesson. Because sometimes when we’re out of our comfort zone, and we think there’s chaos going on all around us, our knee jerk reaction is to go like that…really, it’s just the moment. Like it’s just Cairo. So if you just look at it like it’s normal, not a big deal, you don’t get caught up in the fear of it being something more than it truly is.

And you know I’m here to tell you I’m still thinking that the scary Cairo traffic is more than it truly is but after having ridden with the drivers a few times, I’m beginning to think that life is just Cairo.

Have you ever had a scary cab ride? Tell us about your experience in the comments. We love hearing your feedback!

Namaste y’all, namaste.


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4 thoughts on “Scary Traffic in Cairo

  1. Laurie Bettencourt says:

    Yes, I was in Cairo in the 70’s when traffic was nowhere NEAR what you’ve experienced but sure scary enough! One fun time we were away from the city driving at night and the taxi drivers did not use their headlights!!!! Saving batteries???? Don’t know, but that was a trip. Every once in a while they would flash their lights. However, the metaphor about our severe discomfort when things seem chaotic or out of our norm is spot on. A great way to look at it and helpful. So true. Thanks

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