See that light at the end of the tunnel?



YOU are that light at the end of the tunnel!

Join us for the 01/11/2013 Double Digit message where we’re all about “Hugs for Change!” In woowoo words that’s, “Embrace Your Transformation!” See? We’re changing, too!

LIVE from Springfield, MO
Webinar / Telecast:

Fri., Jan 11, 2013
6:00PM Pacific
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We’re never 100% sure what Adironnda will say.

Here’s what we do know – for the 01/11/2013 date:

  • The numbers add up to a 9, the ending of patterns.
  • 2013 is the new frequency, new Earth, new game plan.

So, wouldn’t it be nice to have conscious, logical tools to keep those old patterns from creeping back in? Adironnda, are you listening? ; )

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Blessings in love, light, and rolling on the floor laughter,

Marilyn and Joeaux Web ImageMarilyn, Joeaux, and Adironnda & Company

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