Selenite Sword Mastery

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Healing Crystals & Wands

Marilyn: Marilyn Harper here. Joeaux is across the way talking with one of the people that are going to our Thailand trip. And we just want to welcome you to November. You know, November is a wonderful month of change. There’s ‘The Joy.’

Joeaux: What are we talking about?

Marilyn: This is our monthly message.

Joeaux: About?

Marilyn: Selenite sword mastery. You remember, with the Selenite Swords of Light.

Joeaux: Yeah, those suitcases we carry around full of selenite swords.

Marilyn: Only in airports they’re called healing crystals.

Joeaux: That’s right. Wands.

Channeling Archangel Michael

Marilyn: Wands. And, you know, we’ve got some new ones that are just about that big that are so cute and so powerful. And next May, we have a Mastery Class with the Selenite Swords of Light and the sword maker, Tom Ledder.

Joeaux: And Marilyn Harper. It’s the only time in the entire year that both of them work together! And it’s the only time Marilyn teaches about how to use the swords. So, you get to learn Tom’s way of doing it, and you get to learn Marilyn’s way of doing it.

Marilyn: And you get to learn Joeaux’s way of doing it.

Joeaux: And you get to learn the way of Archangel Michael.

Marilyn: Yes, because Joeaux’s begun connecting with the Archangel Michael. Can I tell them what you’re channeling?

Joeaux: I think you just did.

Marilyn: Oh, she’s channeling the Archangel Michael, which is ever so exciting. I mean, he’s on the Council but to have the Archangel Michael move through Joeaux is even more exciting.

Joeaux: Did you tell them we’re on our way to Thailand?

Marilyn: I did. I said that she’s over talking to Kristen, who’s going to Thailand with us. Now, we’re in Chicago.

Selenite Sword Mastery

Joeaux: And we are taking swords with us.

Marilyn: We are.

Joeaux: A couple.

Marilyn: Well, maybe seven or eight. So, we were talking about the Selenite Swords of Light. And we use them completely different than Tom Ledder, the Selenite Sword Maker. And the way I use them… They follow the intention of the user, of course. But I have found that with selenite, it really is the most powerful healing tool to date that I have found. I mean, you all hear of lots and lots of healing tools.

However, what I have found is that you really only need to use one, two actually. One is yourself. You are the healing tool, and that’s really what we teach. And then the Selenite Sword of Light actually magnifies that energy. Joeaux does a light body activation. You want to explain that?

Joeaux: Yeah, basically, I just quickly balance all the chakras in a person. And what I’ve learned is, as I’m doing that, I can do a hundred people at once, but as I’m doing it you just see the light kind of pop into their eyes. And then you know that their light body is completely activated.

It’s really cool when you do it in a group because of the energy. Each person’s Merkaba is 26 feet across. So if you have a group of people all in one space, it magnifies the energy. And you just see it. It’s like, “Pop, pop, pop.” You can see all of these people just light up. It’s really, really cool.

Marilyn: And it’s really powerful because you can use it any way you want. My mom used the Selenite Sword of Light to remove a blockage in her colon when she was diagnosed with diverticulosis. I’ve even fixed a grandfather clock with one.

Joeaux: And I use them. I’ll put one in my bedroom, and one in my office just to kind of smooth the energy of the space. And I noticed that when I keep it in the wrapper (because we travel with our swords all the time), in the suitcase, it’s not quite as… peaceful or something. There’s just a really magical quality to it.

Marilyn: It likes to be out in the air. So, we travel all over the world, and we bring our Selenite Swords of Light with us. And in May, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, we have the selenite sword mastery class with Tom Ledder in Denver, it’s an easy airport hotel. Marriott Airport I think. And it’s the only time that Tom and Joeaux and I all get together, and we have an amazing time. You’ll see a room of 50 or 60 swords. I mean talk about the energy of the room. It’s pretty powerful. Now just to let you know, we only allow 40 people in, and we have only 15 spaces left, so…

To Thailand Through Tokyo

Joeaux: Because what happens is, when people come one year they realize that they get to learn different people’s methods in using the swords. But even better, there’s all of these healers with all of the swords working on everybody. And so they get really amazing feelings during the process. So, they book immediately for the next year. So the class is already half full before we even leave that program.

Marilyn: So, we are in a special holding area here because of part of the people…

Joeaux: Because of the swords.

Marilyn: Probably. Part of the people are going to Germany on Lufthansa, and we’re going to Tokyo on…

Joeaux: ANA, All Nippon Airways.

Marilyn: Well, actually we’re going to Thailand, but we’re going to Tokyo first. I’ve never been to Tokyo.

Joeaux: I have.

Marilyn: Oh, aren’t you special. Well I know we’re all special.

Joeaux: Yes.

Marilyn: And we will keep you posted as to how things are going. Watch for some Facebook Lives (while we’re in Thailand). Anyway, look into Selenite Swords of Light. You can see some information about them on our website.

Joeaux: If you type into the search engine on our website swords or selenite you’ll find some webinars. We’ve done quite a few videos about how to use them and describing the properties in them. They’re very, very powerful.

Or, send an email to, (I’m sure they’re gonna love me for this) and ask them where the webinars are.

Marilyn: Anyway, we gotta go. Time to board.

Joeaux: Namaste.

Marilyn: Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

We love hearing your feedback and reading your comments! Do you have a memory from the last Sword Mastery workshop, or a story about how you’ve used your selenite swords? If so, please share. Be sure to leave us your thoughts below.


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    Hey Marilyn,
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    I feel so much peace coming from you during this massage. It’s time to see you again.
    I am claiming to see you soon. Love you so much .
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