What Everyone Ought to Know About the Therapeutic Power of Selenite

Due to the stay-home mandates, we've selected a new venue... Your Place! This year, we're coming direct to you through your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. You get to join us from the comfort of your favorite chair. We'll have breakout rooms too, so you'll be able to practice both giving and receiving the energy work.


10 AM - 5 PM Mountain Time, 3 Days
of interactive selenite sword training that teaches you basic methods and advanced techniques for using these high frequency tools of light for transformation. Email info@adironnda.com if you'd like to purchase a sword in advance of the class to use.

MAY 1, 2, and 3, 2020

What is a Selenite Sword?
And, why use one?

THE SELENITE SWORD OF LIGHT is a unique tool that will provide relief of physical pain when used properly. And… that’s why we’ve created THE SELENITE SWORD OF LIGHT MASTERY COURSES so that you can understand EXACTLY how to put this powerful tool to work for yourself, or in your practice.

Learn two different areas of expertise (for the use of Selenite Swords) from two unique Selenite Sword experts:

Marilyn Harper is known internationally as “the Divine Link” for Adironnda and the Council of Light. While touring the planet delivering to large audiences the loving messages of Adironnda (a Spokes Being of the Council, from the 17th Dimension), Marilyn met Tom Ledder. He gifted her with a  selenite sword of light. As she picked it up Sekhmet, the Goddess of Creation and Destruction, immediately came through and began to use the sword as a healing projectory on hundreds of people all at once.

Known as the “selenite swordmaker,” Tom has been producing powerful selenite swords and teaching sword workshops all over the planet. One day, while observing an energy worker using a piece of selenite crystal on a man's leg, he was inspired to create the swords. He watched as the selenite crystal projected a stream of light into the leg, repairing the injury immediately on an energetic level.

From that moment on he dedicated his life to researching, downloading, and creating a tool that would accelerate and maximize the true power of selenite, even more so that what he had witnessed on that day.

Marilyn Harper

Tom Ledder

Have you (or others that you work with) had difficulty in responding to alternative healing practices?

The pain just never seems to go away, no matter what you try.

Alternative healing is not a one-size-fits-all modality. The truth is – you must find the practice that best responds to each unique person.

If you’re seeking solutions, we’ve got an answer.

Selenite crystals are known as “liquid light." Anyone can use selenite crystal to remove blockages in the body by simply placing the crystal on the area that feels tight or sore for 15 – 20 minutes.

In fact, if you have a selenite wand (or sword) you can try it yourself now.

Have instant relief of pain by simply placing the selenite sword on the painful area.

May 1, 2 and 3, 2020 - Livestreaming Online

Register for Level 1 - $222

The second day will start with learning a new rounding technique using the light body activation to dramatically accelerate the stabilization of light in our physical energy matrix. We will learn to use the pendulum to locate physical and negative energies and how to clear them with the Selenite Swords of Light and new procedures. We will go into all new techniques recently developed to detect, remove and transmute physical energy issues and removing negative energies and entities. You will learn new techniques that you can use to clear land and houses. Also we will be learning esoteric acupuncture techniques and patterns using the Swords of Light.

Register for Level 2 - $444Register for Level 3 - $666Save $333 When You Register for All 3 Days

Workshop Day One

Light Worker Training Level I:

The Workshop is designed to provide methods and techniques to work with the Selenite Swords of Light. Learn to work with this very high frequency light of the selenite swords for transformation. We will use the Selenite Swords of Light in different hands-on exercises. You will learn techniques of how to activate, clear and balance the chakras, meridians and subtle bodies. Training will include learning the powerful Light Body Activation process with the Selenite Swords of Light. The day will end with a guided meditation to activate the chakras within the physical body and outside the physical.

It is not a requirement to have a sword. 

The Selenite Swords of Light will help to magnify the intention, but not required.

Workshop Day Two

How to Transmute Negative Energies with the Light of the Selenite Swords of Light and Esoteric Acupuncture Training Level II:

The Esoteric Acupuncture is ground breaking work developed by Mikio Sankey combining traditional Chinese acupuncture, Hindu chakra system, the Kabala and sacred geometry. The day will end with a guided meditation to raise your light quotient and activate Golden and Violet light to create a protection grid around the physical body.

Workshop Day Three

All-new Ascension Training Program and Advanced Esoteric Acupuncture Level III:

The third day will start with the new rounding technique using the light body activation to dramatically accelerate the stabilization of light in our physical energy matrix. This day will cover the new Ascension Training Program and Advanced Esoteric Acupuncture Level III, the development, and activation of the Antahkarana. This exciting New Ascension workshop will look at what ascension is, learn techniques using the Selenite Swords of light to build your light quotient and open up your higher chakras in the

expanded dimensions. We will work with the ascended master to bring in the higher energies to expand our ascension process. At the end of the day, we will do the Ultimate Ascension ceremony and meditation which will be enhanced by the Selenite Swords of Light. This process will establish a foundation building a powerful momentum towards your personal ascension into the light.

The Advanced Esoteric Acupuncture section will focus on patterns to develop the integration of the light, building a pillar of light and activation of the Antahkarana to further accelerate your development of consciousness. Experience Mikio’s new Wei QI Grid Protection Pattern. The day will end with a guided meditation to activate the Antahkarana our connection to the Source.

If you would like Marilyn to intuit a sword for you, please email her at info@adironnda.com. You will receive pictures and and prices for several swords that will work for you.

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This may be the only time that you will get to work with both Tom Ledder and Marilyn Harper in a workshop of this kind. No further events like this are planned as of now.

How to Harness Selenite Into A Beam of Healing Light

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