Shift – And The World Shifts

Shift – And The World Shifts

Favorite Saying

Joeaux: Hey, Marilyn.

Marilyn: Yes, Joeaux.

Joeaux: Since we’re just hanging out here, do you want to just do a quick weekly message?

Marilyn: I love to do weekly messages.

Joeaux: Because I have a question for you or Adironnda.

Marilyn: You can tell they’re there, can’t you?

Joeaux: Yeah. I know this etched Cobalt Blue Bottle says, “Shift, and the world around you shifts.”

Marilyn: Yes, it does.

Joeaux: And it’s one of my favorite sayings, but do you know what it means?

Marilyn: I channeled it; I don’t have to know.

Joeaux: You heard that right here.

Marilyn: I do know what it means.

Joeaux: Yes.

You Can Only Change Yourself

Marilyn: You cannot shift someone else, you cannot change anyone else, you cannot fix anyone else, you can only fix yourself, you can only change yourself, you can only shift yourself. But when you do, every single thing around you starts responding to that energy that you’re putting out because you have shifted.

Joeaux: It’s so amazing how well it works. You just decide that you want to be the best version of you that you can be, and you start. For us, meditating, reading spiritual books, and doing.

Marilyn: Responding differently when you’re triggered.

Joeaux: Right. All of a sudden, you realize your friends and your family and your whole world around you shift. It’s true.

Marilyn: See, what actually happens, you get into a rut or a pattern or something. I hear it all the time, “Well, I go into this job, and everybody at this job did such and such and such and such, and so I quit that job, and I went to another job, and all those people did such and such and such and such,” and the same pattern happens over and over and over. Well, it’s not the other people in the job.

Joeaux: No.

Subconscious Patterns

Marilyn: It’s you because you’re putting something out; you’re asking for that kind of treatment on some subconscious level. And when you shift that pattern within yourself of asking for that kind of treatment, it’s miraculous how those people start shifting.

Joeaux: But how do you shift? Can you actually say how somebody shifts in a couple of minutes?

Marilyn: Well, that’s another weekly message because I actually wrote a 12 step program.

Joeaux: Wow.

Marilyn: I did. I wrote a 12 step program on what to do when you’re triggered or how you can shift how you respond to the world. And I don’t have my journal here.

Joeaux: So that’ll be next time.

Marilyn: That’s next time. The first step is to breathe. And the second step is to repeat step one. And the third step is… Well, we’ll have to check that out next week.

Joeaux: And it’s just to bring it back to shift, and the world shifts with you. It’s the first step is just really deciding, “Yeah, I want to shift, and I want the world around me to shift,” For me, when I went through it, I wanted to change in my life.

The Key To Shifting Is Deciding

Marilyn: Well, and I think that’s really the key because there was a point in my life where it seemed like all my friends were just complaining and negative and, this was many years ago, so don’t think about… this is not now.

Joeaux: So if you’re watching this and you’re her friend.

Marilyn: It was a long, long, long, long, long, long time ago, the deep past, maybe even another lifetime in this lifetime.

Joeaux: In another galaxy, far, far away.

Marilyn: Yeah. But what the thing was is I just decided that I wanted to shift… I just decided that I wanted to shift who I was, and that’s when everything else started following suit.

Joeaux: And you know what’s so amazing? You look back, for me, it was like ten years ago, and I look back and realize that I did make that decision to go down a different path, and then I just see like all the things that have changed between now and they are just because I decided to shift and my world shifted around me.

Marilyn: Right, exactly. It’s like dominoes.

Joeaux: Yeah.

Marilyn: You shift, and then all the other dominoes shift as well; that’s exactly what it is.

Joeaux: So simple.

Marilyn: It’s so simple. And keep watching because one of the weekly messages, at some point in time, we’ll have a 12 step program on how to do that. Namaste, y’all.

Joeaux: Namaste.

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