Shifting the Energy

Shifting the Energy

Good Opportunity

Marilyn: So, what are you going to wear for the next double digit?

Joeaux: I don’t know something that coordinates with you.

Marilyn: You never coordinate with me.

Joeaux: I always coordinate with you.

Marilyn: Well, I want to wear blue, but I can’t wear blue.

Joeaux: No, you cannot wear blue, because the curtain is blue, and behind-

Randy: Girls, girls, you’re both pretty.

Marilyn: Well, that shifted the energy.

Joeaux: I think that was the whole point, right?

Marilyn: No, it’s not the point.

Joeaux: Yes, it is.

Marilyn: It is not the point.

Joeaux: Of course, it’s the point. That’s what we’re trying to tell people all the-

Randy: Girls, girls, girls, girls.

Marilyn: Anytime you get into an altercation and Joeaux, and I would never get into an altercation.

Joeaux: Not in the same minute.

Loving Energy

Marilyn: But anytime you do, there’s always something that is a good opportunity to break the energy.

Joeaux: Like having Randy around.

Marilyn: That actually happened one time. We were discussing something in strong passion, and Randy stopped and said, “Girls, girls, you’re both pretty.” Because we just started to laugh.

Joeaux: We started laughing so hard. We forgot what we were arguing about. I think that that’s the point, is most of the time, when you’re locking heads on something, it’s not so important that some loving energy can’t break it.

Marilyn: Exactly. The thing is, whenever you’re in that energy of, well, you’re both right, and you’re both have an opinion, shift the energy, and the best way I know is to say, “Girls, girls, you’re both pretty.” Don’t you think?

Joeaux: I think so.

Marilyn: Anything else?

Joeaux: No.

Marilyn: But girls, girls, you’re both pretty. Namaste, y’all.

Joeaux: Namaste.

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