Las Vegas is Calling You to Shine Your Light

“Did you hear about the shooting in Las Vegas?”

I was on a “sisters” weekend, a spiritual healing event that I think everyone should do now and then. We were deep in Oak Creek Canyon – near Sedona, Arizona – with very limited cell phone coverage. One of our “girlfriends” had somehow grabbed enough cell bars to catch a glimpse of it on FaceBook.

Everyone froze.

“What happened?” (I’m sure you know how the rest of that conversation goes.)

Las Vegas now gets added to the long list of places and events where tragedy has struck.

Sigh. Awful silence.

I’m sure we were all mentally scanning our list of friends and family that were anywhere near Las Vegas, or would have even possibly been attracted to that particular Country Western music event.

Then, we slipped into both relief for ourselves, and deep sadness for other’s losses.

More awful silence.

Eventually, we resumed our activities and went about our weekend as the information continued to seep into the conversation at restaurants, shops, and even on the canyon trails.

A Call to Brightness

The next day, I sat on a rock high up on a mesa, in the Sedona canyon overlooking the vast views of the red rocks. I felt the space of the planet. I felt tiny. And, there it was… that awful silence once again. That awful sadness. That feeling of Being separate.

The power of words.

During our recent Convergence, I spoke about “the Power of Words”. “Awful” is no longer used as it was originally intended. Back in the 17th century, hymns were written using the word “awful” as in our “God is an awful (awe-full) God.”

Awe meaning “an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc”.

Today, “awful” has come to mean “an overwhelming feeling of fear”. Forget the reverence.

Yet, interestingly, “awesome” also means inspiring “an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear.” Today, when we use the word “awesome,” fear is not included in our intention.

Close your eyes for a moment and just feel into those two words:

· Awful vs.

· Awesome


So, our vernacular is awe (filled) with fear and awe reverent for (some). It’s amazing to me how this division has creeped into our communication.

We are both awful and awesome – and all of the moments in between are created exactly as we are intending. Do we choose to be full of fear? Or do we choose to be full of reverence?

What happened in Las Vegas will not stay in Las Vegas.

It will affect many all over the world for years to come. But the choice is ours, individually, of how we see that event and how we continue to talk about that event (and therefore shift the energy).

I would say, there are some who are so filled with fear that they will choose to bring in the darkness. Yet, there are others so filled with reverence that they will choose to bring in the light. And I don’t need to remind you that darkness cannot exist even if there is one flicker of light.


This is a hint for your to shine your light brightly. To bring in the reverence, and remind humanity that we are all awe filled. I’m personally inspired to share my voice once a month in these weekly messages as a CALL TO BRIGHTNESS.

What can you do to shine your light more brightly?

As Mike Dooley reminded us at our Convergence last month (and I paraphrase without the scientific backup he provided so you’ll just have to trust me on this one : ) “We spend MUCH more time smiling than we do frowning. We share so many MORE happy moments than sad. And, it only requires us to spend about 10% of our energy focused on the positive to turn around negative energy.”

You get the point.

Join me in overcoming this awful tragedy, and making our awe some flickers of light a reminder that our world IS an awe filled world. We ARE in this together.

Let’s shift this thing!

Love, love, love,

Joeaux | “the joy”

How has this event shifted you? Do you plan to shine your light even brighter?


We love to hear your comments…. Please share your feelings about this below.




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